The TimeZone Omega Forum FAQ page is a place to learn answers to questions that are frequently asked on TimeZone. Usually a person new to the subject of watches or the hobby of watch collecting has to spend uncounted hours searching for answers or asking questions in forums. The goal of this page is to give you a quick overview on the basics. For more in-depth information please take a look through the companion TimeZone Omega Forum Links Page.

In a sense this page will always be under construction, as people ask questions all of the time and if a question gets asked often enough one of the authors of this FAQ will say "That one really belongs in the FAQ!". And it will be added.

If you have a question/answer that you feel belongs here please post in the Omega Forum or contact Bill Sohne, Omega Forum Moderator; or contact either Damon Michau or Chuck Maddox both of whom authored most of this FAQ…