Alphabet Watches

Part 2

by Jack Freedman

NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: Please note that any and all information submitted here may not be accurate and could be unconfirmed.


In our previous feature page I reported on the latest ALPHABET watches with the wild success of Gucci’s “G” watch. This fall, Gucci will present their latest version in grand style for the elite. Only three hundred selected jewelers around the globe will be able to sell the new gold and diamond Gucci *G* watch (below).


Now comes a look-alike “E” watch marketed by Jacques Edho (paris) in three case sizes: Ladies, Gents and Large Gents.


Advertised as *The Ultimate Timepiece*, Harry Winston introduced the first solid PLATINUM DIVING WATCH – labeled Ocean – (see scan) with rotating bezel, screw down crown and is water-resistant to a depth of 300 feet. At this writing, as confirmed by the company, there is only remaining watch available from their limited edition of 100 pieces which carries a steep price tag of U.S. $24,000.


The new Delphis by Chronoswiss is the only wristwatch to include three display modes within one system: retrograde for minutes, digital for hours, analog for seconds. Delphis is fitted with automatic winding 30-jewel calibre C.124 with a ball bearing rotor. Each individually numbered timepiece is water-resistant to a depth of 30 metres (100 feet) (see scan).




With the flick of a wrist you can open locked doors or pay for a soda without putting a hand in the pocket — or removing the watch. It’s the *SMART* watch available soon. It has a computer chip embedded in the watch which acts like a smart card.


Junghans, a leading producer of radio-controlled and solar powered watches, introduced *Systems SmartCard*. The new watch is a combination of a contactless chipcard and multi-watch technology. Individually coded wristwatches from Junghans can be used as an electronic key to open the house, or car door, to replace ID cards at work or to access hotel rooms. The SmartCard watch has a total of 16 different functions each of which can be stored and called up at will.


By year 2001, new technology by Peregrine, a San Diego based company, should enable the making of tiny portable wristwatch communicators, such as Dick Tracy style wristwatch phones.


The Seiko Group in Japan has begun operations for the development of a wristwatch pager, the *MESSAGE WATCH* which would use the open spaces in FM wave lengths.


A mobile telephone is being developed by British Telecom which can send precise details of the caller’s location to the person receiving the call. Workers will no longer be able to phone the office pretending to be sick when they are at the beach and movements of cheating spouses will be exposed because the phone will show the caller’s location to within 30 feet. BT hopes to reduce the size of the spy phone to that of a wristwatch.


This new HabitEX wristwatch, being developed by ProGenesis Inc. a two-year old private company, works like this: On a daily basis, the user listens to a special CD that induces hypnosis and delivers post-hypnotic suggestions about stopping smoking. Throughout the day, the user wears a special wrist device that acts and looks like a wrist watch, with one exception: On a random basis, it delivers visual, auditory and tactile post-hypnotic cues that reinforce the suggestions made by the CD. There’s even a panic button that can be pressed when the urge to puff becomes overpowering.


Personal information managers (PIMS) will soon be available with the Rolodex Electronic Express (REX) from Citizen and Starfish Software. The 1.4 ounce device will store thousands of names, appointments, memos, calendars, world clocks and more inside a wristwatch.


A small Israeli company, O.T.I., began producing a new wristwatch operating as a small “smart” chip-card capable of transmitting data and receiving it by wireless. It is the first of its kind in the world and contains an electronic section which can store digital data. It is designed to eventually connect by wireless to computerized systems as well as the internet. It will also operate the new country-wide electronic parking card currently being developed by O.T.I.


The world’s first timepieces by Anthony Quinn will be officially launched in New York at the American Craft Museum on September 22. Here is a short history of the artist and his new creations:

Anthony Quinn was born under the gunfire of the revolution in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1915. At an early age of nine, his creative mind and spirit led him to sculpting, painting and art. By age 11 he entered a statewide California competition and won it with his clay figure of Abraham Lincoln. Before age 18, Mr. Quinn had worked as migrant farm worker, taxi driver, slaughterhouse butcher, newsboy, and a weight boxer. He learned to work his way way out of poverty and hunger through his own strength.

How ironic that he grew up in the impoverished barrio of East Los Angeles, only miles from Hollywood, but light-years away from the world of movie stars that would one day welcome him as an Academy Award-winning actor. Mr. Quinn has performed on stage, on television, and in over 200 films for more than fifty years. He has been recognized and honored as the consummate actor.

Like Picasso, Mr. Quinn ,the artist , believes that time is the best sculptor and his insights on how time affects materials spawned the idea of combining art and time in a noble watch. He has created precious masterpieces for the wrist which harmoniously combine aesthetic appeal and function. The design of the Anthony Quinn watch is inspired by three of the artist’s most eminent works *LOVERS*, *LADY OF CRETE*, and *CHILD*. (see scans)

Each of the three designs is available in the following limited-edition models:

999 in yellow 18kt. gold, with 18kt. gold bracelet or Louisiana alligator strap

199 in yellow 18kt. gold, set with 52 (WS) diamonds, 18kt. bracelet

100 in white 18kt. gold, with 18kt. white gold bracelet or alligator strap

50 in platinum, set with 52 diamonds, platinum bracelet

To the best of my knowledge, the sculpted dials are made of18kt. gold as well.

All watches feature saphire crystals and are water resistant to 3 atmospheres (100 feet). A second saphire crystal on the back of the watch reveals the celebrated 25-jewel automatic calibre 953 movement by Frederic Piguet adjusted to 5 positions. The rotors feature the famous *Cotes de Geneve* decoration and also bear the signature of Anthony Quinn and the limited-edition serial numbers (see scan).

*My Time* watches by Anthony Quinn range in price from U.S. $11,000 to $32,500 and only 1000 will be available in North America.

After-sales service of Anthony Quinn timepieces

Because of its recognition of high quality after-sales service, SUPERIOR WATCH SERVICE INC. (see, my company, was chosen to be the exclusive official Anthony Quinn watch service center for North America. As we are also a factory authorized service center for Blancpain, we have much experience with repair of Frederic Piguet movements found inside Blancpain. We see the Anthony Quinn collection as another worthy edition of quality timepieces in the luxury watch field.

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