A Guided Tour of The IWC Factory

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I am especially pleased to be your tour guide of the well-known International Watch Company located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, a company that I’m intimately familiar with. As an authorized factory service agent in the U.S. for the past 18 years, I have been to Schaffhausen numerous times for factory training and during each of my visits was completely fascinated by the merging and blending of modern technology with an age old craft.

While IWC traces its origins to America, it is only through recent renewed efforts by the company that it is making stronger inroads in North America. The U.S. is a prime focus of growth for the firm which hopes to sell 2500 units in 1998 to a broader base of aspirational customers who are learning the value of this underrepresented prestige quality brand. Real watch connoisseurs already know IWC but the average person in the U.S. doesn’t yet. A pictorial look at the company, its history, its production techniques and its goals will enable viewers to appreciate the IWC Watch Co. which has so much to offer to everyone, in prices ranging from $1500 to $350,000.

Although IWC has an interesting website of its own (www.iwc.ch), and a group of TimeZoners known as the “Group of Five” have already reported about their April ‘98 factory visit, IWC captures much attention on the internet watch forums as it continues to introduce top quality timepieces acknowledged even by watch aficionados. Here I share with you a story told from a watchmaker’s perspective relying on photos gathered from many periodicals, catalogs and previous articles featured in various magazines. What began as a collection of photos accumulated over the years out of personal interest in the company has now been converted to an on-line presentation for the benefit of TimeZone readers.

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The writer acknowledges thanks to IWC, International Wristwatch magazine, and others for information gathered to cover parts of this report.

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