Why was my Sales Corner post deleted?


This page explains some of the policies and procedures relating to the removal of posts from the TimeZone Sales Corner board. If your Sales Corner post was deleted and you do not know why, please read this page.

1. We remove posts from Sales Corner without contacting the poster. We adopted this policy because: 

  • It is your duty to acquaint yourself with the Sales Corner rules before posting. Please read both the main guidelines at the top of the Sales Corner board and the Supplemental Guidelines which expand on and explain the main guidelines.
  • TZ moderators are volunteers who have real jobs. Given the volume of posts Sales Corner receives, e-mailing everyone with explanations for why their post was removed is too time consuming.

2. Here are the most common reasons that posts are deleted from Sales Corner:

  • The post is a follow-up that is not allowed. Only sellers can post follow-ups, and only for limited reasons. Buyers should communicate with sellers via e-mail or TZ’s PM (Private Message) system. If a seller’s e-mail address is not in their ad, click on their screen name in the upper left area of the ad and that will take you to their profile page which contains their e-mail address or a contact link and, if the seller has elected to receive PMs, a PM button.
  • Failure to state a price or to describe the condition of the watch using the TZ Grading System.
  • The condition of the watch is better than we allow. You may not list or seek NIB, BNIB, factory fresh, still in the plastic, or similar condition watches on Sales Corner – we allow only pre-owned watches that have been worn. TZ sponsors may list new watches for which they are authorized dealers.
  • The ad contained an improper link or a URL. This prohibition includes watermarks. Only TimeZone sponsors may link to commercial sites.   
  • You exceeded the “3 posts per day” limit. Only TimeZone sponsors may post 5 times per day. 
  • The watch includes “open papers” which we do not allow.
  • The ad is a “blanket” ad, i.e. one that offers or seeks more than one example of a specific watch.

3. If after reading this page you still do not know why your post was deleted, please review the main and supplemental Sales Corner guidelines carefully – the reason is there. Please note that we will not respond to e-mails requesting the reason for or challenging a deletion, and we will not preview your ad before you post it to make sure it complies with the guidelines.