A Day With A. Lange & Söhne

Part II

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One of the favorite displays was this 10:1
Datograph movement, housed in a glass case in the center of the

During a break between presentations, admiring
enthusiasts study the Datograph movement display.



Walter Lange talks
with guests during the engraving demonstration.


Lange’s head watchmaker Kay Ebbinghaus (left) looks at
John Thompson’s impressive collection.



Walter Lange and Kay Ebbinghaus, show us their
Langes. Kay is wearing the Langematik Perpetual Calendar, and
Walter is wearing the Pour le Mérite.



During the luncheon, attendees took a ten
question Lange technical quiz. The questions were quite a challenge.
For example, we were asked how many Lange winding springs are
required to power a 2 watt light bulb, what distance in kilometers a point on the
balance wheel travels in 5 years (assuming continuous running), and the weight in milligrams of the
lightest component in a Lange movement. Prizes were awarded to those
with the top three scores. Above, Veronica Dyson poses with her prize for third place in the contest. Way to go Veronica!

As we approached the end of the day, Larry Seiden
presented Walter Lange with a token of our appreciation – an engraved
glass piece that read “Walter Lange, Danke Schöne for sharing your
passion with us. Northern California WIS, Half Moon Bay, California,
November 16, 2002.” An image of an 1815 was engraved on the back.



Your humble reporter with
Water Lange. 


Alas, we have reached the end of the story of this great day for Northern California
watch enthusiasts. The treats were not over, however, as every attendee received “goodie bags” containing Lange CDs, catalogs, and golf caps. When closing time came, several of us had difficulty
pulling ourselves away. George Raiche, Kohei Saito and I took about an
hour to cover the 30 feet from our table to the door. This was perhaps the best event of its kind to date, in
terms of both attendance and the quality of the presentations. Once again,
we extend sincere thanks to the wonderful people of A. Lange & Söhne,
and to the organizers, for making this day possible.

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