TimeZone Launches Watchmaking Forum


Machiel Kalf

Ed Hahn


TimeZone has launched a new forum called
Watchmaking & Repair. The forum is moderated by Machiel Kalf and Ed Hahn.
Machiel is a Master Watchmaker, and he teaches TZ’s Watch School. Machiel
received his formal watchmaker training at the Horlogemakers Vakschool in
Holland. He completed the 4 year course in 3 years. Following his graduation,
Machiel went to work for Heuer, and he worked directly with Jack Heuer in Biel,
Switzerland. Between 1974 and 1976, Machiel gained experience with quartz
movements, working for Electro Time. In 1976 Machiel went to work for JPC, one
of the largest watch importers in Holland, where he gained great practical
knowledge as the head of after-sales service. Machiel has also completed
numerous advanced watchmaking courses in Switzerland.

In 1980, Machiel began his career as a watchmaking Instructor in Holland.
Machiel has been teaching watchmaking now for over 20 years. He was among the
first group of graduates of the WOSTEP “Train the Trainers” course.

Currently Machiel is the Coordinator of the Watchmaking Department at the Roc
Zadine Watchmaking School in Amsterdam. The school has approximately 80 students
in 4 levels of classes. 

Ed Hahn is a long time TZ contributor, and he writes a feature for TZ called
Time Machine. Ed is an Engineer by training, and he has long been interested in
the technical side of watches. 

Together, Machiel and Ed approach watchmaking from two sides: the
hobbyist/enthusiast, and the professional watchmaker. TimeZone would like to see
this forum become the place watchmakers and those with an interest in
watchmaking meet to exchange information, experience, and advice.  

The Watchmaking & Repair Forum’s navigation link is located in TimeZone’s
“Watch Talk” drop down navigation area. You can also visit by clicking
the link below. 

here to visit TZ’s Watchmaking & Repair Forum