Industry News – Basel Show 2003 Complaints

As the watch industry prepares for the most important show of the year, the big news out of Basel is the on-going shifting of exhibitor space. As many as twenty exhibitors are being moved out of the main floor Halle 1.0, and as many as fifty exhibitors are being moved out of the second floor, to make room for bigger booths by other exhibitors and larger walkways.

Most of the exhibitors being moved are not very happy, and many are complaining, with some considering leaving the Basel show altogether. “The Jean Marcel booth has been pushed to the back hallway of the second floor,” said Rick Kalina, president, Jean Marcel USA. “The boutique brands, like us, are being placed at an unfair disadvantage, which makes it more difficult for our existing dealers and those interested in becoming a dealer to locate and spend time with us. Honestly, it just makes me work harder to achieve more under more difficult circumstances. The only recourse is to leave the show, which isn’t an option for us.”

The Basel Show office declined to provide a list of the companies being moved, stating that the final plan is still in the works. “Our overall aim is to improve all sectors of the show, to offer better service to buyers, and to pull in more quality buyers,” said Herbert Siegert, PR-Coordinator, Basel Show.

According to Siegert, the list of exhibitors will be completed and published a few weeks before the show begins.


Source: American Time Online