Industry News – Seiko Introduces Underwater Lap Counter

At the 9th Pan-Pacific Swimming Championships, as official timer, Seiko introduced a newly developed underwater lap counter.

Until now, in 800 and 1,500 meter events, “turn” inspectors for each lane have been responsible for monitoring the number of laps, and for showing to each competitor plastic lap cards on which the numbers of laps remaining are displayed.

This is done by either submerging the cards in the water or holding them up above it. The newly developed underwater lap counter puts highly legible LED displays at the bottom of each lane. These are linked with the swimmers’ turns to count down the number of remaining laps automatically.

Since Seiko introduced the first electronic sports timing system at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, the company has undertaken the timing of numerous international sporting events. Among these are the Olympic Games, FINA World Swimming Championships, and the Asian Games.