TimeZone Beverly Hills, California Lunch Gathering – January 2000

On Sunday, January 9, 15 TZers assembled at noon at Kate Mantilini’s on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills for the first-ever TZ L.A. lunch. Thanks go to Edward Fang (“edwww”) for selecting the restaurant and taking care of the reservation. Kate’s is a quintessential West L.A. eatery, and we even had the mandatory star sighting when Lyle Lovette came in. Several folks urged me to ask Lyle what watch he was wearing, but I declined.

Our Guest of Honor was Patrik Hoffmann, Vice President of Ulysse Nardin, who flew in from Florida to attend the TZ SoCal lunches. Patrik brought virtually all of UN’s high-line watches, including several Minute Repeaters, GMT Perpetuals, the full Trilogy line (Astrolabium, Tellurium and Planetarium) a Skeleton, a Pulsometer, some Ludwigs, and even a prototype Michelangelo Big Date.

As soon as we were seated, we began passing watches around. Our poor waitress must have asked us if we were ready to order about six times. Watches come before food. Unlike the Del Mar lunch, Patrik did not receive a request to demonstrate the Erotica Minute Repeater to the waitress (which he did – she said “That’s disgusting!”). I guess you can’t count on an expensive and sexy watch to impress the ladies.

Our meals were delicious. I opted for Kate’s “famous” meatloaf, pictured below, and it was special – very spicy. Perhaps I’ll review the meatloaf some day 😉 Following the meal, Patrik broke out the big guns. He explained the workings of the Trilogy pieces in detail, and we even had an Astrolabium movement to look at (along with a few others).

All in all, it was a wonderful day. I really enjoyed meeting the L.A. TZers. Thanks again to Patrik and Edward – it was great fun.

Here are a few of the scans I took….

The group, before everyone had arrived. Left side, front to back: Steven Walker, Jeff Laity, Steve Hall, Steve Gamble, Bob. Right side, back to front: John Ireland, Patrik Hoffmann, Edward Fang, Helen Shyn.

Patrik explains the Astroablium to (L to R) Jeff Laity, Armin Eskijian and Steve Hall.

Armin Eskijian (left) and Steven Walker.

TZ’s original Mavica Master, Bob, photographs a UN watch. I think Bob took about 50 scans during the lunch.

Edward Fang and Helen Shyn. Thanks again to Edward for helping me organize this lunch!

Steve Hall models one of his dream watches, the UN Astrolabium.

Steven Walker with one of his favorites, the UN Pulsometer single button chronograph.

Steve Gamble examines a UN Trilogy piece.

Patrik Hoffmann explains one of UN’s Trilogy pieces to David Polushkin.

Yubert decides whether to order dessert.

David and Inessa Polushkin.

Patrik (left) talks with (L to R) David, Inessa, Steven and Jeff.

Prototype UN Michelangelo Big Date. Arrives in the USA in February, 2000.

Kate Mantilini’s famous meatloaf. Delicious!

Well, that’s my report on the L.A. Lunch. Thanks again to Patrik Hoffmann and Ulysse Nardin, and to Edward Fang. It was a great day. We’ll do it again soon!

Best regards,

Mike Disher