Denver/Boulder TZ Meet – February 2001 (lots o’ scans)

by Bill Mattocks (

Hello all,

Just got back from a dreadful evening being tortured by evil people who have way too much money and way too many high-end watches, and they wouldn’t give me any of their money or their watches. It was awful, let me tell you.

We gathered at Hurdles, a fine jewelry store at 14th and Pearl in The People’s Republic of Boulder, Colorado at 5:30 this evening. Many TZer’s were on hand, but I’m going to have to ask them to identify themselves – there were far too many names for me to remember, or maybe it was the wine I guzzled.

Here’s some pictures of us gathered inside of Hurdles:

Here we are trying to decide which watches we want to steal.

Everybody who attended was given a free Minerva watch, courtesy of the ‘five-finger discount.’

Distracting the clerks so that we could loot and pillage the display cases…

The Minerva rep, our prime target. I doubt he has a job in the morning…

Minerva Overload! Agh, my eyes!!!

Loads of fake Rolexes. We saved these for later, when we took the outside on the sidewalk and did the ‘Rolex Stomp.’ It was fun. Then we chased some mimes.

Loads more Minervas. Geez.

I need a better digital camera, that’s for sure.

The main ringleader, Brian O’Pansky. What a thug. He beat up several old ladies and distributed the contents of their purses to all as door prizes. This guy is dangerous.

After having guzzled all the free beer and wine, and eating up all the cheese that Hurdles had thoughtfully provided for us, we jumped on our Harley Davidson choppers and roared down the middle of the Pearl Street Mall to “La Rocher,” a very snooty upscale French restaurant located at approximately 19th and Pearl. My French is not good, but I believe “La Rocher” translates as “The Roach.” And well-named it was!

“I call this meeting of the Five Families…”

“Let’s all compare tattoos!”

The obligatory Ashford-bag-on-the-head trick. Well, they didn’t have any lampshades. You should have seen the one later, with no clothes on. Yikes.

“This is where the bullet went in…I can still hear those voices…telling me to burn things…”

Oh, yeah, I’d buy a watch from this man. Not.

We played “Spot the Fed.” Guess who won? We drug him out back and left him in a dumpster. Pieces of him, anyway. Lousy Elliot Ness looking copper.

Here we are, fighting over the check. Somebody ordered a couple of bottles of wine that could bankrupt a small country. We stiffed the waiters and ran for it.

And that was the end of the evening. We decided to split before the cops showed up, so we finished trashing the joint and jumped on our bikes and rode outta there. TZ Tramps on Wheels, that’s us.

Best Regards,

Bill Mattocks

Pictures from the Denver/Boulder TZer get together (2/24)…

by Paul Chambre (

The event was hosted by Hurdle’s Jewelry. The owner, Mr. Hurdle is the gentleman in the foreground of the second picture. The main attraction was supplied by Michael Schmutz of Minerva. He brought along his personal and quite extensive collection of modern and vintage Minerva wristwatches. Several attendees also brought some watches for show and tell (and videotape.) A good time was had by all. Hopefully this will become at least an occasional regular event.

Participants please feel free to point out yourselves and anyone else you know.