TZ Luncheon Event in Honolulu, Hawaii

by Richard Paige

February 3, 2001

On Friday February 2, 2001, I attended an official TZ Luncheon Event in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Lunch was to welcome to the Islands Charles Henning, who was visiting from Mainland China. Ironically, Charles is from Hawaii. He was home visiting his parents. But he persuasively convinced us, the local TimeZoners, that he had flown half a world away just to have lunch with us cast of watch dignitaries: Wes Zane, Gerry Luppino, Jim Danz, and yours truly, Rp.

I took time out from my busy day of exotic Hawaiian Bird watching.

Here is shown the rare and exotic bird which is only found in one remote area of the Hawaiian Island Chain. My friendly neighbor told me it was called the Locales Duckus.

Very rare indeed, and a personal triumph for me to see not only one, but a rare pair.

I began my journey deciding whether to take public transportation to avoid getting lost, which I inevitably do, due to the problem I keep having of remembering the names of the streets:

Or, to take Public transportation, which my wife suggested, but might invariably lead to an unexpected delay of an hour or more (Okay, maybe only 5 minutes at my age).

I decided to drive, since I’m really beginning to know my way around, and by car it would only take 20 minutes to get to the restaurant.

I arrived at the Restaurant, Scoozies, after close to an hour, and was glad to be greeted by a friendly local Hawaiian Hostess:

Upon further “inspection”, I realized that she was in the spirit of the event, and had worn her Official TZ Watch idiot savant Pin:

Jackie, our Hostess, and a true WIS.

Here we sit, enjoying the fruits of our labors: Lunch.

Left to Right: Charles, Gerry, Wes, Jim

We dined on local Hawaiian treats and delicasies: salads with lettuce and tomatoes, pizza, and meatloaf. Then came the moment of truth: the watches.

Wes wore a beautiful Rose gold Blancpain. Shown below.

Charles wore a mint condition Vintage Heuer Chronograph. Shown below. (note the WIS pin proudly being worn)

Jim wore a steel RGM Chronograph. Shown below (Note how proudly he wears the WIS pin)

Also, Jim was fuming. He had purchased a Rolex a few days before, and discovered when it arrived by mail that the watch was a fake. He brought the watch for all of us to see, so that we, in turn, could also get upset. I decided not to photo the watch.

Gerry brought the star of the show: Shown below. (note how intelligent he looks wearing the TZ WIS pin, and the local custom of putting miniature bananas in beer)

An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak automatic tourbillon

Charles was so happy to be present at this historic event that he presented Gerry with an official Omega bracelet remover kit

Gerry promptly offered to buy Charles lunch!! (note how handsome Gerry looks in his official TZ WIS pin)

We called it a day after the Hula Girls performed for our group and gave each one of us “The gift of Aloha”, a lai.