TimeZone Palto Alto, California Gathering – March 2003

At Palo Alto Mings restaurant, there were 48 die hard Panny lovers gathered, here’s brief report.

Welcoming speech by Larry Seiden, long time trusted WIS, co-organizer of this event.

Mr. Philppe Bonay, Pres. of Panerai USA, he doesn’t want to speech, his face was a bit pale…”Hey Philippe, we won’t bite you, we just want more Panny on the market.”

Here’s my neighbor Rick Dodder talking about his vintage Panerai collection. He has three historically important Panerais, BTW call me as soon as you received Dufour’s Simplicity, I’d like to see it….(oops, non related subject)

Here’s Rick’s model 6152, current PAM127 was reissue of this beauty. It’s huge!!

Rick added more value on this beauty by retrofitted current display back, we all get to see the correct Rolex movement.

Here’s his another watch, 3646 Combat swimmer, hey it’s looks like a huge California dialed Rolex bubble back! He also showed us unscratched pristine cond.5218-203A.

Pionner Panerai dealer Hugues Beck of Chatel talking about how lonely he was when he first introduced Panerai into the US…

Question and answer time, Philippe was teasing us ” No, you can’t get 1950 that easy, he..he..he…”

US Panerai rep. Mr. Scott Becker, he the one we should rubbing elbow to and saying “Hey don’t forget me, i got to have a Panny…”

We believed at least 50% of the Panerai sold in the US was gathered here in this room, amazingly low numbered distribution, no wonder everybody wants one, but can’t get one right away.

Here’s PAM127. known as 1950 everybody was talking about. Jerry Evans taught me a lesson that even you are taking a vacation but don’t let guard down for the Panerai hunting, he found this watch in Hawaii while he was on vacation, lucky you!

Luncheon is a greatest place to see same old WIS faces again, here Drew Lansford teasing me showing off his Seiko Diver’s collection, while co-organizer of this event Marvin Arnord has keen eye on the rest of his Seiko collection, “Hummm…is that a 45 Grand Seiko? where did you get it…”

Here’s Mare Nostrom. Did you know this watch was only cost 2850MSRP back then? I’ve seen so many of ’em for sale at the sales corner for well bellow $2000 just only few years ago. Everybody said” Oh, it’s too big and has moduled movement, don’t like Sly Stone…”etc.,back then. I’m banging my head on to the wall on this one. Where is a time machine when I needed, I wish I can go back in the past and grabbed whole bunch and coming back… Same difference on the PVDed models, PAM04 was 2850MSRP, people hated it because once it scratched, that’s end of it. Also seen tons of 1500 to 1700 priced examples at the sales corner, but no one wanted it back then…amazing.

Philippe told us about at least 2 new models for this year as surprises, we don’t know yet, his lip was sealed, but we all excited and anticipated for this rather unique and highly demand truly collector’s time piece.

Will see you at the next meet!

Best regards,