The TimeZone “Not in Honor of Mike Margolis” Dinner


On September 12, 17 lucky TZers gathered at the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant not to honor Mike Margolis. As most of you know, Mike moderates TZ’s Blancpain Forum, and he co-moderates the Public Forum. Mike is an East Coaster, and when we learned he’d be making the trip to the Left Coast, it was agreed that we must have a dinner not in his honor. Special thanks go to Larry Seiden for organizing this dinner not for Mike.

We met in the bar, where we lined up and one by one asked Mike to recount the story of his recently stolen van. Those who were not being told the story plugged their ears to ensure that Mike would be required to repeat each detail 17 times. We also discussed watches. At one point someone asked the time, and there was much disagreement.

We adjourned to a long table overlooking the runways at San Jose International. Mike did not sit at the head of the table, which was appropriate. In near record time, watch cases were opened and fine timepieces were being passed around. We asked the restaurant manager to please turn up the lights, so we might better appreciate our treasures.

And now, a few scans…

Not the guest of honor, Mike Margolis.

Mike M and Jeff Kingston examine a vintage delight. Jeff is sporting a fine Blancpain Tourbillon.

The whole table. Larry Seiden is in the black shirt with his back to the camera at the head of the table. Going around the table to Larry’s left: Mike Margolis, Jeff Kingston, Mike Vella, Drew Lunsford, Kohei Saito, George Raiche, Gary Burke, Andrew Maring, Veronica Dyson, Thom Dyson, Mike Kelley (wearing a beautiful vintage IWC).

Left to right: Peter Wells, Gary Burke, Andrew Maring, Veronica Dyson, Thom Dyson, Mike Kelley. Thom is wearing an Omega X-33, while Veronica is admiring Mike V’s new Dynamic Chrono on a cool red strap.

Going around the table left to right: Thom Dyson, Mike Kelley, Larry Seiden, Mike Margolis, Mike Vella. Mike M’s Blancpain Moonphase Calender is back on his wrist.

Going around the table left to right: George Raiche, Brandon Baum, Jeff Kingston, Peter Wells, Gary Burke. George is wearing his IWC Mark XII on bracelet.

Well, that’s a wrap. It was a great evening, as is always the case when TimeZoners get together. Thanks again to Larry for organizing, and to Mike Margolis for traveling 2000 miles not to be honored.

For camera buffs, all images taken with Sony DSC-S70 using flash.