TimeZone Toronto, Canada Luncheon Gathering – January 2000

Text by Jeff Low. Scanning, Posting and Hosting by Don “DON” Ginsler. Digital camera equipment by Greg Wellman and Rod Cleaver.

Toronto Canada was again the center of the Watch Universe for a few hours for a group of watch enthusiasts. The meeting was held at the Hudson Bay Store’s Arcadian Room at Yorkdale Mall.

It started at 10:30 on the Saturday morning. Everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of our Special Guest. I had heard of IWC and Ulysse Nardin ambassadors at past TZ gathering venues, so I did the best I could given Toronto’s watch buying culture – I invited the Timex area sales rep. When he didn’t show, I sensed that the disappointment ebbed quickly.

Seventeen attendees made it; the largest group ever…


The Men and their Watches:

Don Ginsler (on the left)- Vintage Seamaster and IWC caliber 89 in pink gold case.

Arthur Preto – IWC caliber 89 in pink gold. Elgin doctors dial watch.

Mark (It’s my only watch”) Lebo – IWC UTC and Greg Wellman – Panerai (in Titanium…huge and light at the same time; an intriguing watch).

Jonathan White – NOS vintage Breitling Cosmonaute. Jonathan is also the Speedmaster King (he had several).

Chris Russell – Omega Co-Axial, Chopard LUC, Zenith Elite and Eberhard 8 Days.

Jerry Pevzner – Rolex two tone Submariner and steel Zenith Chronomaster.

Roger Pinnock – GP Vintage 94, Glycine Incusore, JLC Master Date and IWC caliber 89 in yellow gold. Roger is proof that “presentation is all His watches nestled nicely in a wonderful black wooden box. The rest of us pulled watches from every pocket; usually wrapped in a plastic sandwich baggy.

Roger with Jamie Simmonds – NOS Tissot Seastar T.12 alarm watch and Mark Williams – Bond Seamaster and Omega Dynamic.

Mark with Rob Terro – IWC Flieger, pre-Moon Speedy and pre-Tiger Tudor Chrono and Kim Teo – 1940’s vintage Omega in gold.

Daniel Ho – Blancpain Moonphase in the 2100 style case. Vintage 1960’s gold Patek and afraid to show either (or was it just bad picture taking?)

Paul Steep – Tag Kirium and Greg.

Rod Cleaver – New Old Stock 1970’s vintage Rolex Daytona[ (Where DO you get this stuff Rod?).

Yours truly – IWC caliber 83 in an 18 karat yellow gold case. Bell and Ross Classic WSA.

Apologies to those whose pictures aren’t posted. I may have missed one or two of you and camera shake may have doomed a few other pictures. Sorry, I’ll get it right next time!

Interesting Meeting Facts:

Trading/Swapping – A certain amount of very low key trading goes on at these luncheons. For the buyer, it is an ideal way to examine at length and try on a “babied” watch. For the seller, it is a “low hassle” way to dispose of a watch; knowing that the buyer is a fellow enthusiast and will likely enjoy the watch for an intermediate or longer term.

Brand Visibility – an unscientific compilation – Seventeen attendees accounting for about 120 watches. Large count of vintage Omega (about 20…within this group, about 8 vintage Speedmasters). 4 vintage IWC, and one new one. 2 Rolex. Unaccountably there were a handful of no name vintage pieces from the 1920’s and 30’s – all in great condition, mostly cushion shaped and described by their owners as having a strange, simple attraction. No new or recent Breitling. No Vacheron or Cartier.

Thinking of planning a TZ Luncheon in your region? Tips and Tricks for TZ Luncheon planners:

First, find a room, sectioned off or more private part of a restaurant where you have the leisure of staying until closing time – with coffee laid on after the main meal is over. Or a venue as close as possible to this ideal.

The reasons for this:

* There is some seriously expensive hardware laid out on display and you don’t want the general public looking on.

* Additionally, most attendees have hours of watch conversation to get out of their systems and even 3 hours later some of the first timers haven’t run out of steam.

* You’ll need room for walking around and looking; it’s a luncheon with some aspects of a cocktail party.

Secondly, ask attendees to bring more than two watches. Tell them to bring ’em all, and watch literature too.

Thirdly, the Luncheon Planner should bring a camera and shoot LOTS of pictures, so as to have many to choose from for posting [I’m learning this the hard way].

Finally, have someone keep a central broadcast list of everyone’s emails after the first meeting. This will be the TZ’ers close enough to drive to the meeting and will be an invaluable resource. Greg Wellman keeps such a list with DON cracking the whip to get people added. It’s great for local trading and gossip. It’s also resulted in “side bar” meetings – smaller groups of perhaps a couple or three guys meeting after work downtown for drinks and a tour of the local watch pusher before going home. On this last point BE CAREFUL! My wife says. ” A Mistress I can understand, but this is too weird!”

Best regards from Toronto, Jeff Low, DON Ginsler and The Toronto TZ’ers.