New from Basel 2003 – Rolex Cellinium & the Maxidial Sub

Hi Folks;

I have just finished my meeting with Rolex and the news is about the new larger sized Cellinium 38mm, either I am getting old, or they are getting better because I actually like it. It also has a nice deployant clasp rather than the common tang buckle of the 35mm launched last year. Pix will follow.

The glacial updating of the bands and clasps continues, the improvements seen firstly on the Day Date and last year on the lady Datejust (solid bands, solid end pieces, heavier cases etc.) are all now on the midsize Datejust. In fact the midsize actually has a better clasp than the Day Date, as the tiny Coronet in the clasp is now a hinged safety catch. The band can not be opened by simply pulling on the end of the clasp, the Coronet must be hinged upward before the clasp can be released. Nice.

The bad news is that the new Maxidial SUB is £300 more than a regular Sub in the UK and 500CHF more in Switzerland; these are the only two countries I currently have prices for. The watch is NOT a limited edition, neither will it even have a different model number; I wonder if it will become the base model Sub Date in the future with the current one gone?

As promised, herewith the Maxidial Sub

And the new 38mm Cellinium

Both images are copyright Rolex SA but as they were included in the Press Kit they are free of all rights.

Good Luck