New Model – Blancpain Ladies’ Ultra-Slim

I showed this off in February, but here it is again…

The Ultra-Slim proves itself on ladies’ wrists.

The Ultra-Slim is considered to be the first of the Blancpain masterpiece watches because, quite simply, it embodies the essentials of the art. Round and thin, stripped of all superfluous detail, it is a definitive statement of authentic watchmaking.

An exceptionally slim movement, a face in which purity of form is taken to the extreme, a 40mm diameter: these are all reminders of classic, antique pocket watches. The ladies’ ultraslim wristwatch is immediately recognizable by the simplicity of its shape and its clean, gentle lines: its refinement shows clearly in the authenticity of its watchmaking and the understatement of white gold.

The watch is part of the Villeret collection, named for the place where the brand was founded. In this masterpiece, Blancpain is paying tribute to the origins of fine watchmaking, bringing together mechanical characteristics that are truly worthy of its reputation: an automatic movement reduced to minimum thickness, and a retrograde second hand.

The Ultra-Slim in the Villeret collection is part of a long tradition. It reflects the beauty of simplicity and underscores the interest that Blancpain has always shown in ladies’ tastes and preferences.