Industry News – Michel Jordi In Bankruptcy

Michel Jordi, born in 1948, is the son of a watchmaker from Grenchen. He founded his own company in 1988, and created the “SWISS ETHNO WATCH” which was launched in
June of 1989 and brought him fame and international recognition.

Unfortunately today, Michel Jordi at age 55, has seen his company collapse. In order to pay off his debts, there will be a public auction in Zurich, at the Hotel Schweizerhof and in Lausanne, at the Hotel Mövenpick d’Ouchy in order to liquidate his remaining stocks. Over 5,000 watches and 5,000 pens and scarves (which the company had branched into) will be available at cutthroat prices.

Overall, the company sold over half a million Ethno Watches.