Industry News – Antiquorum’s June Sale in Geneva – $8 Million Raised

Antiquorum, the world’s leading watch auctioneer raised SFr 10,843,715 or $8,270,501 at its June sale in Geneva last week.

Internet bidding was more popular than ever with virtually SFr 623,000 ($475,162) in bids received during the day long sale.

The star of the sale was Lot 391, “The Sacred Mountain”, an incredible and extremely complicated musical and automaton clock made by the prestigious London watchmaker, James Cox in 1780.

It was sold to the Musée de l’Horologie de Genève, who already house the matching half of the pair which was bought by the Sandoz Collection in 1952.

This clock is one of the most complicated examples of a musical and automaton clock, and, a part from its mirror pair, the only example with a large automaton elephant and theater scene.

In addition, world records were set for Rolex Daytonas. Lot 308 and Lot 309, two exceptional and extremely rare prototype Rolex Oyster Daytonas, each with red dials produced in 1979, achieved $317,283 and $338,258, respectively.