Industry News – FORTIS GTS – Project at the Übersee Museum Bremen

(L to R: Kuno Böse (Bremen State Senator for Cultural Affairs), Dr. Hartmut Roder (Übersee-Museum, Head of the exhibition “From Bremen to Far Away Galaxies”), Dr. Wiebke Ahrnd (Director of the Übersee-Museum), Dr. Josef Kind (Chairman of the Space Travel Forum BDLI (German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI)), Professor Manfred Fuchs (CEO OHB-System AG), Klaus Sondergeld, BMG (Bremen Marketing Association)

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Do you ever dream of a trip into space? If you do, you should not miss the exhibit ”From Bremen to Far Away Galaxies. Space Travel and Mission Earth.” From June 21st to October 12th, 2003, the Übersee Museum in Bremen, Germany, will offer a wide spectrum of information about space travel and how astronauts live in space for visitors young and old. For example, participants can check their fitness level with sports equipment which is especially designed for astronauts. Other venues include the history of astronautics as well as watch experiments at zero gravity. In addition, there are presentations of future projects aimed at depicting the potential of space travel technology. Among the exhibitors: FORTIS Swiss watches, a partner in Global Transmission Services (GTS), a project that will be utilized for world time synchronization.

(The FORTIS cosmonauts’ glove with the new FORTIS B-42 COSMONAUT Official Cosmonauts Chronograph (Ref. 638.22.11).)

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GTS is a technological innovation in the field of radio signals. The aims of the project are to synchronize the UTC with the correct local time with a new generation of world time watches and to establish global radio contact from an orbit close to the earth. Potential uses, apart from the time synchronization of time, are as an anti-theft system and for personal security.

The exhibited material consists of a model of a radiator of the GTS antenna, which is on board of the International Space Station (ISS), a prototype of a GTS table clock, various charts explaining the process of the GTS radio signal and three mechanical watches made by FORTIS: the FORTIS Spacematic Chronograph Alarm, a part of our current collection, as well as two rarities. The FORTIS Official Cosmonauts Chronograph ISS and the FORTIS Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Diver (with the Lemania movement) are both limited editions and have become collectors’ items.

In 1994, FORTIS chronographs were selected to be part of the official equipment for all astronauts and cosmonauts who leave earth from the Star City Training Center.