Industry News – Dornblüth Manufacturing

Hartmut Kraft, our German Brands Forum co-moderator, received news over the weekend that Dornbluth has now streamlined some of its manufacturing process and that minor changes were made to his current model line.

Among the changes made, the watches will now have slightly domed sapphire crystals (they used to be flat) and a process has been found to remove the excess nickel residue on the heated blued screws, which means that from now own, the screws will have deep blue slots as well.

The company also found a new supplier for its heated blued hands and thus will continue the design of the historic ones (the hands will be also handcrafted in Germany in the future). As is the practice in most of the horological communities of Germany and Switzerland, the supplier of the hands wishes to remain anonymous.

Shown here is the Ref. Cal. 99.0 (2) in 18kt rose gold with small seconds, as well as the Ref. 99.2 (1) inside a handcrafted burl wood presentation case that comes with each watch.