From his workbench in Santa Barbara, master clockmaker David Walter provides TimeZone with an exclusive first look at his latest precision masterpiece – a Double Pendulum Clock with Perpetual Calendar. This precision clock has a double pendulum. When two pendulums hang on the same, non-rigid mounting frame, they swing in anti-phase (ie, swing in opposite directions) and slight errors in the period of oscillation of one pendulum are corrected by the other. The result is amazingly accurate timekeeping.

Further details to follow these brief descriptions and early photographs. In the meantime, please enjoy:

Below are photos from the workbench of the parts that comprise the George Daniels patent, including the individual component parts, the assembled parts and a side view of one of the movements.

The perpetual movement components, separately

The perpetual movement components, assembled

The Instantaneous Change work comprises of: 5 cocks, 2 levers, 3 pivoted ratchets, 5 steel springs, 18 screws, 6 jewels, 1 cam, 3 ratchet star wheels and 1 eccentric banking screw. The movement side view shows a little more perspective of how the Instantaneous Change work is fitted and finished, this is all on the right hand side of the movement. The steel cam for lifting and changing the date can be seen through the opening in the plate at 6 o’clock.

Thank you, David! See you soon.

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