At this year’s SIHH watch fair in January, we were introduced to the Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph, a 2-register chrono with the heirloom details we’ve come to see on the Deep Sea Alarm models, as well as the Grande Reverso Tribute to 1931 US Edition.

40.5mm case–like the Deep Sea Alarm–plexi crystal, a patina’d tone…a yesteryear look in a watch of today.

The watch was announced to a bevy of rave comments, along with a smattering of suggestions for those “nearly there”: a rotating bezel, a sapphire crystal, and the trappings of a true diver. Little did they know, it was just around the corner.

Just last month, Jaeger-LeCoultre announced the Deep Sea Auto Chronograph, and this week I had the chance to spend some time with one.

The Deep Sea Auto is a 3-register chrono, complies with all ISO 6425 standards for Dive watches, is at 42mm slightly larger than the Vintage Chrono, has a sapphire crystal, and a bezel that turns with the eminent sensation of hand winding a buttery smooth movement.

Beautifully curved lugs that wrap the wrist for an all-day comfort

The clarity of the diver is accentuated by the lumed hands and markers. It shares some of the vintage aesthetic of its counterpart, but stands firmly as a forward launch in design.

The hands, the case, they’re as classic as the brand comes.

And the 758 movement with its 65-hour power reserve as contemporary as you would expect. The bonus feature? A chrono indicator window which at half red/half white indicates the chronograph is activated.

When the chronograph is inactive, the window will read all white. When the chrono is stopped, the window is fully red, as a visual trigger to read the time elapsed. Stop the chrono and start it again, and the indicator jumps once more to half red/half white. Pretty trick when you see it in action.

The watch is frankly as versatile as any, and will certainly become the daily wearer for many.

With a suit? Why not?

42mm is a reserved confidence for today’s sport watch.

Simple from the back, the engraved diver signaling the limits of use.



Why not a dash of both?

The Deep Sea Auto Chronograph will be available this fall, and at $10,800 Jaeger-LeCoultre has done it again. Exquisite movement manufacturing powering a veritable tool watch that can be worn proudly at the office.

It’s a staple timepiece that will gratify many a watch lover at the next step in their collector path.

A special thank you to JLC for making the watch available so I could bring it to you.

Hope you enjoyed that!

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