The ruthenium dial is one of the most magical in the collection.

Depending on the angle of light the ruthenium dial transforms as quickly as a chameleon. Every feature comes to life. Notice the blue steel power reserve indicator and hands, the rotating remontoir and details inside the sub-dial.

The tourbillon cage rotates effortlessly while it pass by each ink drop around the chapter ring.

As the light changes again the dial becomes a more dark grey drawing your attention back to the remontoir and tourbillon.

The movement side is perfectly executed. The jewel sinks contrast nicely with ruthenium coated brass movement.

The sharp teeth on each barrel form part of the winding mechanism.

Up close I enjoy the hand engraving.

All of the ruthenium pieces have special dials and it’s difficult to to pick a favorite. I really enjoy the asymmetry of the Tourbillon Souverain, the rawness, and the complexity.

Timezone Feature