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TZ Blogs May 11, 2013 Timezone Feature

It took me a long time to learn how to post pics on Timezone, even though I read the instructions (link included here). It’s still common to see a lot of people struggling to post pictures of their timepieces, so having a little free time on my hands today, I decided to do a (hopefully) easy to understand & step-by-step “How to Post Pics”.

To save you the trouble of opening the link, I have taken several screen shots of the instructions…

Seems pretty straight forward, but how do I actually do this? Do I paste the link in the fields? No, see this next screen shot, you just type it with the body of your message. As I have several pics & need to post them all, I just paste them one after the other. (posting multiple images)

This is exactly what you have to type, the script in red font is your photo’s direct link, the blue font is as per Timezone’s instructions.

I’m using photobucket to store my pics, here’s a screen shot of how the album looks & which link to select.

Good luck posting your pics, I’ll look forward to seeing them 🙂

*As originally posted by “Bumper” here

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