Our friends at MB&F present TimeZone with the MusicMachine, as seen through the lens of Paul Boutros.

Nope, this time it isn’t a watch. The Music Machine is a music box collaboration between MB&F and Reuge. MB&F conceived and designed the futuristic spaceship with its sleek hull, propellers and landing gear. And it sounds as good as it looks (hear it, below).

Reuge realised the design and handcrafted its two complex cylinders with 1,400 needle-like pins that play three melodies each. The left cylinder plays Sci-Fi melodies for approximately 1 minute, 50 seconds: the Star Wars theme, the ‘Imperial March’ from The Empire Strikes Back, and the Star Trek theme. The right cylinder plays Classic Rock melodies for approximately 1 minute, 47 seconds: Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

The MusicMachine is limited to 33 pieces in white and 33 pieces in black.


Over a thousand pins are hand-applied & hand-finished on nickel-plated brass cylinders

Each pin is spaced precisely to displace the 72 comb tines at the correct time

Turn the propellers to wind the spring motors that drive the music box

A jewelled governor regulates the tempo and spins as the spring unwinds

Please enjoy listening to this beautifully crafted and unique music box:

Left Cylinder (Sci-Fi melodies)

Right Cylinder (Classic Rock melodies)

Photos: Paul Boutros
Recordings: MB&F

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