IWC Ingenieur Mission Earth Plastiki – bracelet or strap?

First, let me start by saying I’ve always been a bracelet guy. It’s one of the big considerations when I buy a watch and I always go for the bracelet over a strap if both options are available. It’s one of the reasons I LOVE my IWC Ingenieur 3227-01; its bracelet is drop-dead gorgeous!

All that said, the IWC Ingenieur Mission Earth Plastiki might be an exception. I think it looks much better on the blue rubber strap. The bracelet makes the blue dial a bit “washed out” with all that metal. It works for a regular Mission Earth with a black dial, but not so much for a blue dial, I think…

What do you think?


 photo 20131115_102354.jpg


 photo 20131022_102031-1.jpg

Or should I just start taking my meds again?

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