Let’s do some Breitling Forum intros

Uncategorized November 23, 2013 Timezone Feature

Frank has a great idea, and let’s do some Breitling Forum intros and say a little something about ourselves (pictures optional).

I enjoy reading, history and travel. I do collect pens, but that is an interest that is waning. While not a hunter, I recently went target shooting for the first time, and I may pick up that hobby as well after we move to the Cape in March. Since technology reduces the number of days that I have to be in Worcester, we are moving to Sandwich, and I will commute 2-3 days a week in. Here are a few “action” shots.

With a class of students in London (spring 2011):

From London Spring 2011

Aerospace on a very hot day in Venice (with my wife in the distant background):

From Watch Pix 2

Explorer II in Istanbul

From Watch Pix 2

My first shooting adventure (wearing a CA that cannot be seen):

From Litchfield range

In Hangzou, China, wearing a Skyracer:

From China May 2011

Timezone Feature