Big Pictures of a Big Watch:
Vintage Lange & Söhne B-Uhren

Edwin H. Heusinkveld

20 February 2014

I have an extract from the A. Lange & Söhne archives, but I dont know whether this watch was actively used in the war. Vintage Lange & Söhne B-Uhren like these were normally provided to pilots during briefing and, after the mission was completed, the watch was returned. So this watch wasn’t the property of one pilot; rather, it was owned/kept/maintained by the Luftwaffe.

It is 55mm across for legibility reasons and the watch was worn over the pilots jacket. There were two kinds of dials: the one in my pictures (referred to as type B) and another (type A) that looks like a “traditional” dial. The type B dial was introduced to replace the type A for legibility reasons.

The caseback says “Pforzheim” as the “Hersteller” (manufacturer) and “Lange & Söhne” as the “Bauart” (type). It is a Lange movement (I think it is cal. 48.1) which Lange shipped to Pforzheim to assemble and regulate because demand for watches was higher than Lange could produce themselves.


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