Cushions of the 1960s & 1970s

Paul Delury

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I find many of the cushion cased designs that emerged in the 1960s & 70s to be an acquired taste. Indeed, it took me quite some years of collecting to acquire any taste for them. Initially I would generally avoid such styles. Frankly, I found them ugly. I still find some of them ugly! However, as the bunch of watches from my collection shown below indicates, my feelings did mellow somewhat 🙂 The cushion has even made a comeback of sorts in modern vintage-inspired watches and, by and large, they seem to be receiving a warm enough welcome.

Additionally, apart from the design aspects, for someone with an interest in transitional electric and electronic movement technology the period of the cushion case threw up many interesting watches.


1972 Girard-Perregaux, cal. 352 quartz.

1972 Girard-Perregaux, GP caliber 352, Girard-Perregaux 352, caliber 352 quartz

1967 Citizen X8 Cosmotron, cal. 4840 balance wheel electronic.

1967 Citizen X8 Cosmotron, Citizen X8 Cosmotron, Citizen Cosmotron, Citizen caliber 4840, Citizen 4840, Citizen balance wheel electronic

1973 Bulova Excellence, cal. 11ANAC automatic.

1973 Bulova Excellence, Bulova Excellence, Bulova caliber 11ANAC, Bulova 11ANAC

1970s Hamilton electronic, ESA cal. 9154 electronic balance wheel.

1970s Hamilton electronic, Hamilton electronic, Hamilton ESA caliber 9154, Hamilton 9154, ESA caliber 9154, Hamilton electronic balance wheel

1973 Caravelle Digital jump hour, cal. 11OWU manual-wind (PUW cal. 56x).

1973 Caravelle Digital jump hour, Caravelle Digital Jump Hour, Caravelle jump hour, Caravelle caliber 11OWU, Caravelle 11OWU, Caravelle manual-wind, Caliber 11OWU, PUW caliber 56x

1970s Voumard 2000, cal. 2500 manual-wind backwind & backset.

1970s Voumard 2000, Voumard 2000, Voumard caliber 2500, Voumard 2500, Caliber 2500 backwind, Caliber 2500 backset

1960s Enicar, cal. AR2146 automatic.

1960s Enicar, Enicar caliber AR2146, Enicar AR2146, AR2146 automatic

1970 Accutron, cal. 218 tuning fork.

1970 Accutron, Accutron caliber 218, Accutron 218, Accutron tuning fork, tuning fork

1970s Regina Digital jump hour, PUW cal. 1560D Autorotor.

1970s Regina, Regina jump hour, Regina caliber 1560D, Regina 1560D, Regina Autorotor, Autorotor

1974 Accuquartz, cal. 2240 hybrid quartz/tuning fork.

1974 Accuquartz, Accuquartz caliber 2240, Accuquartz 2240, Accuquartz tuning fork, hybrid tuning fork

1960s Hamilton self-winding, Grade 821 (ETA cal. 2783).

1960s Hamilton, Hamilton Grade 821, ETA 2783, Hamilton ETA 2783

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