TimeZone’s Adam Craniotes spotlighted in The New York Times

Today’s print edition of The New York Times article “One Watch Just Isn’t Enough” spotlights TimeZone senior moderator Adam Craniotes and his quest to obtain his watch grail, the IWC Top Gun Big Pilot perpetual calendar.

Truth to tell, the Top Gun Big Pilot perpetual calendar watch is no thing of great beauty. Produced by the prestigious Swiss manufacturer IWC, it is a formidable hunk of matte-black ceramic casing roughly the diameter of a cocktail coaster.

The true merit of this ominous device is to be found on the inside, where its mechanical marvels reside. As its name may suggest, the Top Gun is a wonder of precision engineering, whose exquisitely calibrated gears and flywheels are capable of dissecting fragments of elapsed time with an elegance that lulls a wearer into forgetting the truth behind every timepiece ever manufactured. That is, with each advance of a sweeping second hand, the thing it is designed to measure is running out.

Two years ago, Adam Craniotes, a former copywriter, was determined to have the watch, even if its $38,600 price urged him toward painful Solomonic sacrifice…

Check out Guy Trebay’s article in the Style section of today’s paper on page E1, or read online: nyti.ms/1shkQKB

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