The Watchmaking of F-P. Journe by Watchbore November 2002 I. The rise to anonymity François-Paul Journe is a French watchmaker who was born in Marseilles in 1959.His family came from the Provençal countryside popularized by the writer andfilmmaker, Marcel Pagnol. An unruly child, he was sent to a... Read more
The Journe Annual Calendar by Watchbore November 2002 The styling of F.P. Journe’s watches might not appeal to everybody, but few will deny its originality. The face of the annual-calendar watch shows a fly-back date, the day and the month. The calendar accounts for months of 29, 30 and... Read more
Inside COSC Watchbore investigates the only organization in the world that decideswhether a watch is a chronometer or not. There are three questions that dominate the forums at TimeZone: How good is mywatch? Is it really worth all the money I paid for it? and, Am I mad? Watchbore... Read more
A Tale of True Luxury Part I By Watchbore In his constant quest for the factors thatdistinguish a truly great watch from a merely ordinary one, Watchbore isreminded of the story of a certain English gentleman, who upon taking deliveryof his new motor-car, resolves to subject it to the... Read more
Watchbore and the Story of Time (Part II) BY Watchbore In which Watchbore reveals the most significantwristwatch of all time and brings the story to a grateful conclusion. Readers will recall that they left Watchbore in conclavewith his new part-time personal assistant, Miss Gloria Luscious, a lady whosesecretarial skills,... Read more
The Amazing Mr. Kiu By Watchbore May 2000   First there was the Breguet tourbillon, invented in around 1800. Then came the flying tourbillon — no bridge — from Glashütte in 1930. In 1993, Mr. Kiu invents the mystery tourbillon. No bridge, no carriage. Mr. Kiu Tai Yu, however,... Read more
A Tale of True Luxury Part II In which Watchbore attempts to review a watch Since the first mechanical escapement 1000 years ago, watchmakers have met every social and scientific challenge with solutions that shaped our world. Time-measuring devices organized the first modern societies, established the heliocentric universe, mapped... Read more
  Watchbore’s Watchspeak Dictionary of Devilish Definitions May 2000   Introduction Watchbore’s Watchspeak Dictionary of Devilish Definitions is the result of profound research into the language used by watch brands to describe their products. The author, a notorious mesmerist, has conducted an in-depth analysis of the many thousands of... Read more
  Progress Watch — A Revolution in Watchmaking By: Watchbore       Progress Watch is out to bust the Swatch Group monopoly, and it’s a grudge fight.   In the primeval jungle of the watch industry, where ego challenges ego for the biggest harem of the most beautiful... Read more
Dumbing Down the Watch In which Watchbore reveals a sinister plot to strangle the art and craft of horology By Watchbore The nineties will be remembered as a golden age of watchmaking, the flowering of the mechanical revival of the previous decade. Every springtime, at the Basel Show and... Read more
Watch vs. Brand By Watchbore Obsessed by brands? Watchbore offers a cure. To all those nagged by the suspicion that without the brand name on the dial and other distinguishing marks their watch would be worth less than half what they paid for it, Watchbore brings glad tidings. At... Read more
  Andreas Strehler — Bespoke Horologist By Watchbore Future historians of watchmaking will no doubt argue endlessly over who were the most important watchmakers of the early 21st century. Many will no doubt agree on George Daniels, citing Derek Pratt and Anthony Randall as followers of his school; others... Read more
Watchbore and the Story of Time Part I By Watchbore February 2000 In which Watchbore visits the Story of Time exhibition, Greenwich and discovers the most significant wristwatch of all time “Watchbore,” said the Editor, graciously allowing the ash of his Monte Christo to fall on the head banging... Read more