Feliz Aniversário Do Jubilee! by Terry Russell The Quiet Explosion As Otto Heller made his way to the offices at Baumgartenstrasse 15 on that fateful Saturday morning of April 1, 1944, he had no notion that the only Swiss watch company ever founded by an American was about to... Read more
Inside the Rolex Caliber 2235 by A Watchmaker I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Downing’s — better known as Watchbore on Time Zone — informative and entertaining article Inside COSC. But what intrigued me the most about his article is this excerpt… Even more amazingly, at less than 20mm, the Rolex... Read more
“The Best Years of Our Lives” by Terry Russell and John Davis March 10, 2001 Introduced in 1946, IWC’s Calibre 89 quietly made its debut along side Samuel Goldwyn’s most important and successful film ever, The Best Years of Our Lives. While the film depicted the struggles of soldiers... Read more
Tutima Chronograph FX UTCRef. 740-54 (white)by Hartmut Kraft.History and BackgroundOn the outbreak of World War I, the market for expensive precision watches collapsed virtually overnight. A decade of turbulence and upheaval was to follow. In 1926, the situation in Glashuette was desolate. In December 1926 Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glashütte AG –... Read more
Redefining the Art of German Watchmaking–A visit to master watchmakers Dieter and Dirk Dornblueth in Kalbe, Germany Last week Timezone had the priviledge to spend an entire day at the manufacture of master watchmakers Dieter and Dirk Dornblueth in Kalbe, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Above picture gives you an idea of... Read more
Multi-Time Zone Watches Phil Baker August 2002 Because of the extensive amount of international travel I do, I have beenfascinated with the complication of providing multiple time zones (MTZ) onwatches. Over the last several years there has been an increasingly number ofnew models being offered; it seems nearly all... Read more
The Titanium Sisters Part 2 A milestone’s evolution from form to function The Clasps Except for the Aquatimer’s slightly smaller pusher, both clasps are identical in shape and size. The spring loaded locking system has proved to be quite reliable but on a divers watch, an additional flip-lock type... Read more
The Titanium Sisters Part 1 By Hans Zbinden Introduction My collection of divers watch must have a combined depth rating of close to 20,000 ft so I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve rarely ventured anywhere deeper than the bottom of a swimming pool. But even then a... Read more
The Little Engine that Could: An in depth look at the ETA2892 Hello Forumners In the past, a befriended watchmaker who prefers to remain in the background, wrote several technical articles for Insights, e.g. Of chronograph modules or Of large balances, high beats and important oils. Some time ago... Read more
Entry Level Inhouse Movements Hello Forumners Undeniably, in-house movements are held in high esteem by many Timezoners and newcomers to this site may become a bit worried when they find out that their latest acquisition is fitted with third party one. Although I agree that in-house can add to... Read more
The Best Laid Plans of WIS and Men Hello Forumners I had a plan. A really, really good plan … Click the link below to read why it didn’t quite turn out as expected. The Best Laid Plans of WIS and Men Regards Hans Read more
Report on the First IWC Collectors Meeting Posted by Hans Zbinden on October 02, 2002 at 11:33:02:TZ Classics Forum Number: 2044Posted from Host: ( Hello Forumners I attended the first IWC Collectors Meeting in Schaffhausen last week and put together a trip report on this extraordinary event. For all... Read more
Interview With Guenter Blumlein,Head of LMH (IWC, Jaeger, Lange) Hello ForumnersAfter last month’s interview with Michael Sarp, the new head of IWC, a talk with Guenther Bluemlein, the man who used to hold that same job and is now boss of LMH, the parent company of IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre... Read more
ETA 2824: Another Little Engine that Could Hello Forumners Some time ago a befriended watchmaker at my request wrote an indepth article on the ETA 2892 titled The Little Engine that Could. Many of those who read the article requested a similar piece on the ETA 2824 which is... Read more
Watch Manufacturers Production Numbers Mass Production Repost from April 1997: Numbers Posted by Hans Zbinden on January 15, 1998 at 21:33:38: In Reply to: Mass production posted by Thanks -SB on January 15, 1998 at 3:36:14: Numbers: Who sells how much and to whom is a secret that will... Read more
Rolex, Looking at the Watch Posted by Hans Zbinden on January 29, 1998 at 21:16:24: In Reply to: ….so, what about Rolexes? posted by Paul Mealey on January 29, 1998 at 9:14:32: Hi Paul I own a few watches from Rolex, I still like them but don’t wear them... Read more
Review of the Audemars Piguet Offshore Chronograph Posted by Hans Zbinden on January 29, 1998 at 0:04:02: Hello Forumners Last October I went on a long trip that took me all through Asia. First stop was Singapore where I met up with a group of Timezoners based there. After... Read more
How And Where To Get A Custom Watch Built Posted by Hans Zbinden on January 30, 1998 at 1:28:44:In Reply to: Need custom watch made posted by Bob Seetin on January 30, 1998 at 1:00:03:Hi BobIf you’re planning to have a high-quality watch with mechanical movement built, there are... Read more
Repost of Mini-Review Ikepod Hemipode Posted by Hans Zbinden on February 18, 1998 at 20:18:04: In Reply to: IKEPOD, any opinions? posted by D.A. on February 18,1998 at 5:20:59: Hi DA I have both the Ikepod Seaslug and the Hemipode chronograph, I posted a short review of the Hemipode... Read more
Perpetually Ludwig – Inside the Ulysse Nardin GMT Perpetual Part 2 text and images by A Watchmaker, edited by Hans Zbinden Here is the program wheel completely disassembled with all of it’s satellite wheels removed for your scrutiny. Wheel number one advances the decade wheel of the date one... Read more
Image courtesy Ulysse Nardin Perpetually Ludwig – Inside the Ulysse Nardin GMT Perpetual Part 1 text and images by A Watchmaker, edited by Hans Zbinden I was pleased and also a bit worried when a watchmaker friend let me know that he was about to service an Ulysse Nardin... Read more
“Nothing says loving like the TimeZone Wrap-Up.” – William Shakespeare Week 3/29/1999     My Stepfather, with my Dad’s first wife! This week’s wrap-up may possibly be remembered more for it’s brevity than breadth of content as I am leaving early this week to attend my Dad’s wedding in... Read more
TimeZone Wrap-Up – 3/8/99 First of all, I don’t know why I’ve decided to do this again. I have receivedthousands of cards and letters this week from Zoners begging me not tomention them in these wrap-ups, yet not a single one of them could produce anyevidence as to why... Read more
TimeZone Wrap-Up – 3/1/99 It was indeed another week and Id like to start by thanking all of you who publicly and privately conveyed to me how you thought last weeks wrap-up was the best ever. It was also the first ever and was going to be the last... Read more
TimeZone Wrap-Up – 2/22/99 As you have unwittingly grown to expect and, undoubtedly look forward to myweekly recap of Timezone activities, I invite you below to once again relive theexciting highlights of the past five days (in no particular order): This was certainly a week of polls! We had... Read more
I am about to embark on a round the world voyage, during which time I will encounter many TZers. Occasional dispatches will be posted on TZ to chronicle my voyage. This series of postings will be entitled, “foie gras Goes Around the World.” For this series, I need (you... Read more
Hong Kong – Part IIby foie gras Commerce. The name of the city “Hong Kong” seems almost synonymous with the word “commerce;” this is a city devoted to trade. Wherever you walk, whatever you are doing, you see business being transacted all around you in Hong Kong. Piquant aromas... Read more
San Francisco and EpiloguePart VII by foie gras The last long flight of my journey took me from Zurich to San Francisco on a Swissair MD11. Seating accommodations, service, and food were all fine in the business class compartment, if not quite up to the standards set by Singapore... Read more
New York October 1998 byfoie gras As my plane touched down at JFK Airport in NY, I was eagerly anticipating my upcoming dinner in Manhattan. My journey started several hours earlier and was delayed by a malfunction on the Delta aircraft I was scheduled to fly on. I was... Read more
Israel, Jordan,France & SwitzerlandPart VI (Continued)by foie gras We then crossed the border at Aqaba to Eilat, and returned to Tel Aviv by plane. A day later I flew to Geneva via Swissair. The area around the Lake of Geneva (Lac Leman) is of course strongly associated with watchmaking.... Read more
These web pages will chronicle my round the world odyssey taking place in October and November 1998. During this trip I will meet many Timezoners, and attempt to insult as many of them as possible. If I fail to insult you personally, please understand that this was an unintentional... Read more
Israel, Jordan, France & Switzerland Part VI by foie gras I’ve combined these destinations into one installment, due to the brevity of my visit or lack of horological interest. After touching down in Tel Aviv, I was met by my parents who own a flat north of the city.... Read more
(Continued) by foie gras Shopping in Singapore has been hurt by the “Asian Flu,” with a severe reduction in the number of Asian tourists coming from the harder hit economies. Nonetheless, Feder tells me that prices of luxury goods such as watches have not gone down here. After shopping,... Read more
by foie gras Singapore is famous for its rules. Importing chewing gum for resale is illegal. So is jaywalking. Possessing live rounds (e.g. ammo) or drugs will get you the death penalty. And don’t even THINK of peeing in an elevator; that’s illegal too! Some of the elevators in... Read more
Melbourne – Part IV (Continued Part 3) by foie gras Melbourne Watch Lunatics Society I’m not funny enough to come up with a name like this, which I stole from Marshall Grosby, one of the inmates in the society. Jason started this organization a number of months back, posting... Read more
Melbourne – Part IV(Continued – Part 2)by foie gras Jas and Ms. Jas Jason is primarily responsible for organizing Melbourne watch collectors into a cohesive group, meeting regularly for an evening of watch appreciation and companionship every 4 to 6 weeks. We all know Jason on Timezone as Jas.... Read more
Melbourne – Part IV by foie gras Australia; the land of friendly people who talk funny. Want a coffee? Will it be a “long black” and or “short white?” Watching all those Paul Hogan commercials was finally going to pay off. Australia, the land of subtlety. After landing in... Read more
  Auckland – Part III byfoie gras Hong Kong to Auckland via Singapore and Melbourne. Now that is a routing only a masochist could love. I saved $1000 USD with this routing, but it was no bargain. The only saving grace was having lunch with Jas, Ms. Jas, and... Read more
Hong Kong – Part II (Continued) by foie gras Chris had told me of a watch shop just down the hill from the Peak Tram terminal, at which he bought his Lange and, it turns out, Andy coincidentally purchased an AP Offshore Chronograph there as well. Glancing in the... Read more
A Guided Tour Of The IWC Factory By Jack Freedman NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: Please note that any and all information submitted here may not be accurate and could be unconfirmed.   SERVICE DEPARTMENT 1. Repair Department Here about 10,000 watches, coming from around the world, are repaired by expert... Read more