TimeZone Interview with Malcolm McDowell by Michael Disher July, 2002 Malcolm McDowell is known for many memorable film roles, including Mick Travis in O Lucky Man!, Alex De Large in A Clockwork Orange, and Dr. Tolian Soran in Star Trek Generations. Malcolm’s newest film, Gangster No. 1 is in... Read more
Review of the Fortis Cosmonaut day-date Posted by Mike Disher on August 26, 1999 at 19:32:43: TZ Classics Forum Number: 807 Posted from Host: sdn-ar-003casfrmp037.dialsprint.net ( FORTIS OFFICIAL COSMONAUTS AUTOMATIC DAY-DATE A Review By Mike Disher, Photos By Walt Odets The Hunt I first saw this watch on the... Read more
  The Glycine Stratoforte By Michael Disher April, 2000   Introduction At Basel 2000, Glycine formally introduced the Stratoforte, the latest in a successful line of oversized watches. Following the KMU 48’s design lead, the Stratoforte improves upon the theme, offering chronograph functions, date, and great looks.   The... Read more
The AHCI at Basel 2000 Posted by Mike Disher on April 05, 2000 at 12:20:33: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1189 Posted from Host: adsl-63-197-2-120.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( The AHCI, or Academie Horlogere des Createurs Independents (Academy of Independent Horologists), represents many of the world’s leading independent watchmakers. Every year, AHCI members... Read more
Automatic Winding – Some Significant Dates Posted by Mike Disher on August 28, 1999 at 12:38:11: TZ Classics Forum Number: 810 Posted from Host: 1cust178.tnt6.sfo3.da.uu.net ( Automatic Winding – Some Significant Dates 1770 Abraham-Louis Perrelet, Sr. (1729-1826) builds the first automatic winding apparatus in a pocket watch. 1770 seems... Read more
The Basel 2000 Internet Forum By: Michael Disher On March 27, 2000, The Basel Fair presented a panel discussion dubbed “How will the internet challenge the traditional promotion and sales channels of watches and jewelry within the luxury market?” Nearly 400 people attended. Joe Thompson, Editor in Chief of... Read more
The Glycine Incursore 200 M by Michael Disher May, 2000 Introduction I had an opportunity recently to spend a few days with Glycine’s newest addition to the Incursore line, the 200 M. The name refers to this model’s 200 meter water resistance rating. The Dial and Hands This 200... Read more
Some Definitions of Time Related Terms Posted by Mike Disher on August 17, 1999 at 09:37:51: Bulletin Board Post Number: 790 Posted from Host: 1cust32.tnt12.sfo3.da.uu.net ( Coordinated Universal Time: See Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC), below. Ecliptic plane: the plane of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. Egyptian Solar Calender:... Read more
Tips for Attending the Basel Fair Posted by Mike Disher on August 05, 1999 at 17:22:40: Bulletin Board Post Number: 776 Posted from Host: 1cust53.tnt6.sfo3.da.uu.net ( My wife and I attended our first Basel Fair this year (April 29 – May 6, 1999). I took a few notes along... Read more
  Vintage Bulova Men’s Square Dress Watch     A Mini-Review By Mike DisherPhotos by Walt Odets Bulova Watch Co. – A Brief Overview Joseph Bulova founded a wholesale jewelry business in 1875. He established the Bulova Watch Co. in Biel, Switzerland in 1885. Bulova manufactured movements at its... Read more
Martin Braun – New Models for 2002 by Michael Disher May, 2002 Click factory photos for larger versions   Martin Braun   I met Martin Braun for the first time at Basel 2001, and I was instantly impressed. Martin’s Eos with sunrise-sunset complication is a great looking watch that... Read more
 The Ulysse Nardin Marine Chornometer 1846 Text and Photos by Michael Disher Packaging photo by Paul Schliesser Originally posted June, 1999 Updated May, 2001  Preface I purchased my Ulysse Nardin 1846 in December, 1998, and I originally posted this review of it in June, 1999. In the fourth quarter... Read more
  THE ULYSSE NARDIN GMT ± BIG DATE A Review by Michael Disher December 14, 1999   Introduction The GMT ± Big Date combines two of Ulysse Nardin’s patented complications in one watch: the oversized double disk date and the hour hand adjusted via pusher buttons, with 24 hour... Read more
The Sun Rises on Martin Braun By: Michael DisherApril 2, 2001 I’d not heard the name Martin Braun prior to this year’s Basel Fair, but once there, I heard it many times. Friends said “You’ve got to see Martin Braun – Hall 5”. And so I went, and on... Read more

Watch Dials Up Close

Time Lines September 17, 2002

  WATCH DIALS UP CLOSE By: Mike Disher   The following are scans of several watch dials taken with a Mavica FD-73, through an LW Scientific 15x – 45x stereo microscope. I am studying the quality of the stencil work, focusing on crispness and evenness of borders, evenness of... Read more
 Cyclos Watch: 24 Hour Perfection   by Michael Disher April, 2002  Click watch images to see larger versions.  John Ermel, Cyclos Managing Director   Cyclos Watch showed their first production pieces at Basel this month. While I was there, I had an opportunity to sit down with the man behind... Read more
Carnival, Ulysse Nardin Style   By: Michael Disher On Wednesday evening, March 21, Ulysse Nardin formally introduced their amazing new horological creation, the Freak, to a large audience at the restaurant l’Escale in Basel. Collectors, journalists and creative horology fans enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and sipped champagne in a party... Read more
  The Glycine KMU 48Ref. 3788.19AT PCôte de Genève A Review by Michael Disher November 15, 1999 Introduction If you enjoy or appreciate oversized watches, this KMU 48 deserves strong consideration. The 48 mm size sets this watch apart from the crowd, and lovely Côte de Genève decoration, viewed... Read more
Glycine: New Models at Basel 2002by Michael Disher June 3, 2002 Click images to view larger versions During the Basel Fair in April, had an opportunity to stop by the Glycine booth and visit with Hans Brechbhler, Managing Director of Glycine Watch S.A., and his daughter Katherina, who is... Read more
  The Ulysse Nardin GMT Perpetual Limited Edition By: Michael Disher     First Came the Ludwig In 1996, Ulysse Nardin introduced the revolutionary Perpetual Ludwig, named for the man who designed the movement, Dr. Ludwig Oechslin. The “Ludwig” became the new standard for practicality among perpetual calenders. Unlike... Read more
THE GLYCINE AIRMAN 2000 24 HOUR DISPLAY A Review By Michael Disher November 5, 1999   The Company The Glycine watch company was founded in 1914 in Bienne, Switzerland. In 1934, Glycine introduced its first line of watches to pass the difficult tests of the Official Swiss Quality Control... Read more
  A TimeZone Interview with Hans Brechbühler Managing Director of Glycine Watch SA   TZ: Can you tells us a little about the Glycine’s history? HB: Glycine was founded in Bienne in 1914. In 1934 we introduced a range of chronometers which passed the official Swiss quality control tests.... Read more
  THE GLYCINE AIRMAN 2000 A Review By Michael Disher October 15, 1999   Introduction Last month, I contacted Glycine Watch SA to inquire whether they might consider providing TimeZone with a sample watch to be reviewed. Glycine was kind enough to provide the watch that is the subject... Read more
  THE ULYSSE NARDIN MARINE CHRONOGRAPH A REVIEW Text and Photographs by Michael Disher Introduction I cannot tell the Marine Chronograph story without mentioning another Ulysse Nardin watch, the Marine Chronometer 1846. I purchased an 1846 in stainless steel in 1998. Prior to that purchase, I had difficulty deciding... Read more
  The IWC GST Automatic Alarm By Michael Disher   Introduction This is the titanium IWC GST Automatic Alarm, ref. 3537/9269. “GST” stands for Gold, Steel and Titanium, the three metals in which this line of watches is available. The GST line also includes an automatic chronograph, the Aquatimer... Read more

The Türler Clock

Time Lines September 17, 2002

The Türler Clock On June 21, 1995, the world’s most complicated clock was set in motion in the Zurich Paradeplatz Turler watch and jewelery shop. The clock is indeed a wonder. The clock was commissioned by Franz Türler in 1986, when he decided to realize his dream of a... Read more
  The Carlo Ferrara Regulator By Michael Disher   Introduction I’ve spent some time recently with Italian watchmaker Carlo Ferrara’s Regulator. This Swiss-made timepiece is of interest due to its unusual display. This watch lists at $2900 in steel and $6900 in gold. The Time Display The “Dancing” Regulator,... Read more
1957 Steelco Satellite A Mini-Review by Mike Disher, Photos by Walt Odets Introduction This watch was produced by the Steelco Watch Co. in 1957 to commemorate the Soviet Union’s launch of the Sputnik satellite. I had never seen one of these watches until I happened across this example at... Read more
The Basel Experience By: Michael Disher   The following are scans I took in the town of Basel, outside the Main Hall, and inside the Hall during the Basel Fair 2000. I hope these give you a feeling the town, and the Fair. Above, views of Basel along the... Read more
The 2000 JCK ShowLas Vegas By Michael Disher On June 3-5, I attended the JCK Las Vegas Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. This is the US version of the Basel Fair, though fewer of the major Swiss watch brands are represented. Unlike Basel, the JCK is... Read more
  Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver 1846 Photos and text by Michael Disher – May 2001 You may click on some of the smaller images to view larger versions. Introduction I first saw the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver in the TimeZone Ulysse Nardin Forum, and I was at once strongly... Read more
  ZENITH PORT ROYAL VAUTOMATIC CHRONOGRAPH A Review by Michael DisherJanuary 25, 2000 Introduction I first saw this watch a few months ago while surfing the net. I was immediately attracted to the strong styling. Then Walt Odets posted his article on the Zenith Cal. 410 movement, and his... Read more