Mini Review: 1960’s GP Gyromaticca. 1960(some large scans) Posted by Ed Hahn on February 16, 2000 at 13:13:40: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1119 Posted from Host: ( This stainless steel watch was a gift from my mother to my father when they got married in 1962. My mother... Read more
Yet Another Omega Seamaster GMT Review/Photo Gallery… Posted by Ed Hahn on July 11, 2000 at 07:56:37: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1353 Posted from Host: ( The Seamaster GMT by Edward Hahn There are plenty of good reviews of the Omega Seamaster GMT out there. Of note is... Read more
The Omega DeVille Co-Axial EscapementLimited Edition Copyright (c) January 10, 2000 Edward Hahn Thanks to Walt Odets, Gerard Luppino, Walt Arnstein, and Ei8htohms fortechnical background. Introduction Among the more anticipated releases at the Basel fair in 1999 was by Omega of a new DeVille model. While the DeVille in recent... Read more
Oris Modern Classic Review by a Newbie   Posted by Ed Hahn on September 25,1998 at 10:19:26: Bulletin Board Post Number: 112 Posted from Host: ( Oris Modern Classic Ref. No. 640 7476 List Price $1095 steel bracelet / $975 leather strap First off, let me say that... Read more
Musings on Watch Faces / JLC Reverso Duo Posted by Ed Hahn on November 04, 1998 at 13:57:15: Bulletin Board Post Number: 149 Posted from Host: ( Introduction I’m writing this post about a month after purchasing and wearing regularly a JLC Reverso Duo (SS/Ostrich Strap), which is... Read more
Review: Bell & Ross Space Two Posted by Ed Hahn on January 18, 1999 at 11:56:23: Bulletin Board Post Number: 280 Posted from Host: ( Bell & Ross Space Two Manufactured by Sinn Stainless Steel List Price $2700 Review Copyright December 1998 by Edward Hahn Thanks to articles... Read more
Coefficients of Friction for Various Horological Materials Posted by Ed Hahn on January 31, 2000 at 13:09:13: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1091 Posted from Host: ( We all know that synthetic sapphire is used in various parts of the watch as a load-bearing surface. These include wheel pivot... Read more
The Chronoswiss Reference 1163 The Orea Manual Wind A Modern Tribute to Vintage Wristwatches Copyright (c) April 2000 by Edward Hahn Introduction – Chronoswiss Company History Unlike the recent trend taken by several modern watch companies, Chronoswiss is not a revival of a classic name from the past taken... Read more
  A Stroll Through the “Dark Ages” (c) 2000 Edward Hahn December 12, 2000     My very first watch was a simple manual wind pin-lever Timex I received when I was about 10 years old (ca. 1978). All I can remember about it is that it had a... Read more
Splitting Seconds: Delving into a Rattrapante Pocket Timer Part I: The Basic Movement Introduction At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, much of the focus is on the athletes’ quest to shave tenth or hundredths of a second off world record times. While timing at the games today is... Read more
  Splitting Seconds:Delving into a Rattrapante Pocket Timer Part II:  The Single-Button Chronograph     Measuring Time When the dial of the pocket watch is removed, a daunting sight is revealed – the combined chronograph and rattrapante mechanism. The chronograph works (A) is contained on the left side of the... Read more
  Splitting Seconds:Delving into a Rattrapante Pocket Timer Part III:  Splitting the Second     A split-seconds mechanism really has two separate challenges:  the first is how to control the engagement and disengagement of the split hand, and the second is to have the split hand “catch-up” to the... Read more
That 70’s Watch: The Enicar Sherpa Super Dive and the Chronoswiss Regulateur Part 1 of 3 by Edward Hahn January 14, 2002 Introduction The 70s was a decade of extravagence and excess. Long hair turned curly, eventually fluffing up to Oscar Gamble heights. Blue jeans became bell-bottomed hip-huggers. Shoes... Read more
That 70’s Watch: The Enicar Sherpa Super Dive and the Chronoswiss Regulateur Part 2 of 3 by Edward Hahn January 14, 2002 The Dial and Day-Date Works The Enicar 167 is a day-date movement, with a nicely stacked arrangement at 6 o’clock. The day-of-the-week wheel on this particular example... Read more
That 70’s Watch: The Enicar Sherpa Super Dive and the Chronoswiss Regulateur Part 3 of 3 by Edward Hahn January 14, 2002 The Top Plate and Autowind Mechanism The top plate and autowind mechanism of the Enicar 167 has a plain, workmanlike finish, not uncommon among good quality movements... Read more
  Making the (Railroad) GradeThe 19 Jewel Elgin “B.W. Raymond”ca. 1920 by Edward C. Hahn     Acknowledgments: Wayne Schlitt on the Elgin Co. & movement info Kent Singer on Railroad Standards Cooksey Shugart’s “Complete Price Guide to Watches” Introduction – Industrialization and the Creation of the Railroad Grade... Read more
  Making the (Railroad) Grade: The 19 Jewel Elgin “B.W. Raymond”ca. 1920 Part 2 of 2 by Edward C. Hahn     The Bottom Plate, Jeweling, and Keyless Works Once the dial has been removed, the bottom plate is revealed for inspection. Visible are a trochoidal-shaped dial washer (A, installed... Read more
The Tutima Classic Flieger GMT Ref. 635-01 Introduction – Tutima History The Tutima company is based in Schierbok in Northern Germany, near the vicinity of the city of Bremen in the Ganderkesee community. The company was founded in 1927 by Dr. Ernst Kurtz, who was managing director of the... Read more
On the Units of Time Part I: From Seconds to Days by Edward Hahn February 7, 2001 What is a Day? What could be simpler? A day is the time it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis. This is divided into 24 hours of equal length,... Read more
  On the Units of Time Part II: The Months and Weeks by Edward Hahn February 13, 2001     The Lunar Connection The month is, of course, related, both horologically and etymologically to the moon – each modern month (with the exception of February) is slightly longer than... Read more
  On the Units of Time Part III: The Year by Edward Hahn February 19, 2001     Uh, Oh…He’s Going to Ask That Question Again… So, what, exactly, is a year? The standard answer is that it’s the time it takes for the seasonal cycle to repeat. Since... Read more