Inappropriate Posts

Inappropriate posts include but are not limited to anything that is vulgar, obscene, offensive or adult in nature, direct or indirect personal attacks, harassment or threats, hate speech, discussion or instructions relating to illegal activity, infringement on other’s legal rights including trademark, copyright, privacy and publicity, slander or defamation, false or inaccurate statements, and violent or abusive content.

Inappropriate posts also include posts that are not polite, including for example the use of derogatory names, swearing (including words with letters replaced by symbols), insults, abusive comments, and strongly negative or anti-social attitudes. Terms such as jerk, idiot, moron, crap, screwed, and the like have no place on TimeZone, and posts containing this kind of language may be removed.

Buy, Sell, Advertise or Promote

TimeZone’s forums were created to facilitate discussion about watches and the watch industry in an atmosphere free from commercial promotion by other visitors. You may not use TimeZone to directly or indirectly advertise, sell or promote products, businesses, websites, services or events to which you are related or in which you have a financial interest. If you currently have items for sale or trade, do not discuss or post images of those items on the discussion forums. Please do not post direct or indirect “for sale,” “want to buy” or “want to trade” ads in the forums. If you have a watch or related item to sell, you may list it on our Sales Corner board, or on the Trading Post at If you are interested in purchasing or trading a watch or related item, please post a want to buy (“WTB”) or want to trade (“WTT”) ad on Sales Corner or on the Trading Post.

Logos or watermarks reflecting a commercial URL (even in the absence of the .com or .net suffix, etc.) are not permitted.

Promotion of banned users and their products is not welcome. If TimeZone has revoked a user’s posting privileges, others may not promote that user or their products on TimeZone.

Do not use the discussion forums for any pending or imminent sales activities. A user who posts about his/her watch or watch-related accessory in a forum must wait at least 30-days to list that watch or watch-related accessory for sale on the Sales Corner or TZ Showcase.

Manufacturers, retailers, and others who would like to announce a product or event should send a notice or press release to Jorge Merino at TimeZone reserves the right to edit any press release, and TimeZone cannot guaranty that all press releases will be posted on the site.

Outside Disputes

Please resolve personal disputes relating to TimeZone or to watch or related merchandise transactions privately and do not publicize such disputes on TimeZone. Do not post about your interactions with TimeZone staff or about bad experiences with watch companies, dealers, or personal transactions. You may be able to post about a bad transaction on the Deal Watch board at

Trolls, Shills, and Disruptive Visitors

TimeZone’s forums were created so that people who share a common interest can communicate with each other in a positive spirit in an atmosphere that is relatively free from aggravation. Accordingly, trolls, shills, and disruptive visitors are not welcome.

A “troll” makes a provocative post primarily to upset forum participants or to provoke an argument or heated exchange. A “shill” has an undisclosed motive or agenda, usually posting praise for, criticism of, or inquiries about dealers or products without disclosing some relationship to the dealer or a competitor, or the fact that value was given or received in exchange for or to motivate the post. Disruptive users include those who instigate or who provoke others, those whose posts consistently generate negative responses, those with bad attitudes who do not seek to participate in the positive spirit of the site, those who exhibit largely negative or anti-social behavior, those who seek to upset or cause distress to others, and those whose contributions are largely in the form of complaints and negative comments. These visitors are not welcome. Their posts may be removed without notice and their posting privileges may be suspended or revoked.