A tale of two Vanguards: Waltham 1908, 16 Size by PAUL DELURY
A mystery project watch unveiled – 1928 Elgin 16 size with Masonic dial
A Gentlemen’s Ball by PAUL DELURY
From Springfield, between the wars – Illinois Grade 224, 21 jewel 12 size, made in 1923
Vintage American heavy metal #1 – an assortment of pocket watches


TZ Blogs August 15, 2017

The Sea of Coils – Accutron Cal. 214 Spaceview
Vern’s watch: 1949 Lord Elgin pocket watch
Three futuristic designs that held up over time: Hamilton Flight, Citizen Independent & Lip Mach 2000
A little piece of Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Hamilton Grade 917 from the 1930s
Thoroughly Modern Seconds – 1929 Waltham Model 1924 Colonial
From Lancaster and Sag Harbor: a very nice Hamilton Grade 902
A 1910 Hamilton Grade 924 and some stats from the time
119 year-old fancy Elgin – an Elgin Grade 172 from 1898
A new old manufacturer for me: E. Howard Watch Co.
Here’s a delightful Waltham Riverside Model 1894 19 jewel 12 size made in 1922
The 101 year-old Minute Man – Hampden 12 size Model 5 by PAUL DELURY
Carrying the Vanguard by PAUL DELURY
A Hamilton Grade 910 manufactured in 1917 by PAUL DELURY
I’m an excellent driver – 1948 Hamilton 10 size Grade 917 with “Safe Driver” presentation dial
Happy New Year from TimeZone
Continuing with another 12 sizer – 1906 Illinois Grade 255 Model 1
A secometer?  Waltham Model 1924 Colonial “modern seconds indicator” by PAUL DELURY
First Accutron(s) – 1970 Accutron cal 218 & 1967 Accutron cal 214 asymmetric by PAUL DELURY
One of Waltham’s best, a Model 1892 845 by PAUL DELURY
Small selection movements the 10th – backwind, rubber ring, 100 jewels and more! by PAUL DELURY
Small selection movements – fusee, ultrathin, Omega in disguise, and more! by PAUL DELURY
Small selection goes movementy, the 2nd by PAUL DELURY
My 2015, largely oddball, SOT(Quartz)C by Paul Delury
Modern vintage? Modern iterations of vintage watches
A World Away: Russian Molnija pocket watch cal. 3602 by PAUL DELURY
1970 Accutron advertising redux
The caseback inscription, as commonly seen in the time of the pocket watch by PAUL DELURY
Gentlemanly high-jewelers: Hamilton Grades 923 and 945 by PAUL DELURY
A couple of not-so-modest gentlemans watches: Hamilton Grade 921 by PAUL DELURY
A quick look at the Hamilton Grade 910 “gentleman’s” pocket watch by PAUL DELURY
Tudor on perlon. A vintage 1969 Tudor Prince Oysterdate by PAUL DELURY
Anyone else using one of these rubber ball caseback openers?
“World’s Very First Digital Wristwatch” – It Ain’t Necessarily So by PAUL DELURY
The Direct Read watch – an idea whose time was long in coming by PAUL DELURY