Weekend Mystery Watch: here’s a watch ad from the 1940s with some info removed – can you guess?
Just for “Black” Friday – a 13 jeweler Hamilton Grade 683 / ESA cal. 9154
We went from 7j. to 15j. the other day, but here is an odd 11j. vintage Omega from 1948
A new Omega Manual Chronometers book –  huge both physically and by its contents
Wanting to get some information on the basics of watchmaking
The George Daniels Grand Complication & other highlights from Phillips: NINE
A mystery project watch unveiled – 1928 Elgin 16 size with Masonic dial
Just a Jaeger – a clock from a French military airplane circa 1940s
Correct hands for a vintage 1977 Breitling Chrono-Matic 2130?
Some vintage pocket watches, including a Hebrew watch like one found on the Titanic
Another vintage Zenith comes to my stable, the 1970 Zenith Defy ref 493877
Here’s a vintage NOS Tell made by Schneider & Co., Pforzheim, Germany from the 1930s
Here’s 3 subsidiary vintage labels from major brands: Vantage, Caravelle, and Tudor
Hamilton’s wonderful 12 sizers by Paul Delury
An unfortunate event – 1924 Hamilton Grade 912 bow came off & the resolution
Another vintage project begins – 1942 manufacture Waltham Vanguard Model 1908, 16 size 23 jewel
Walk Like An Egyptian

Walk Like An Egyptian

TZ Blogs September 7, 2018

From Springfield, between the wars – Illinois Grade 224, 21 jewel 12 size, made in 1923
French Open Omega 1978 commemorative watch of  tennis legend Don Budge
Two 1910 Waltham Model 1883s – the same, but different
A brief of history on an obscure MIL-Diver – Jacques Bianchi “Armée de Terre”
A vintage URANIA Präcisions Uhren-Fabrik, München from the 1940s
EXACTLY 500 seconds plus a million or two years, two Hydrogen atoms collided and fused
A vintage Grant Slide Automatic with an early Pierce made slide movement
Effective advertising: 1950s vintage watch ads
A photo session with the Patek Philippe 3417 Amagnetic
A serendipitous incoming – vintage Omega Geneve ref. 166.070 cal. 565
First vintage post – my great grandfather’s 1931 Hamilton Captain Rice
Vintage Heuer ref 2543 acquisition and spa treatment of the legendary Valjoux 72C
Vintage American heavy metal #2 – an assorted pocket watch mix
Vintage American heavy metal #1 – an assortment of pocket watches
Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona sells today at auction for record $17,752,500
Some nice pieces from the Philipps Watches auction, including Newman’s Own PN Daytona
Lightning strikes twice – Rolex Milgauss 6541 x 2
Pair of Heuer Camaro 73443s – 73443NT and a 73443 exotic dial
The original Omega Railmaster ck2914
This is about as smart as my watches get – Citizen JG200-59E Ana-Digi Temp, cal. 8980
Enjoying the patina on my Great White Rolex Sea-Dwller 1665 with Mark 1 dial
One of my favorite watches, the Breitling Co-Pilot 765CP Mk3
Newman’s Own Paul Newman Daytona 6239