1966 Omega Constellation
“Pie-Pan” Povray Image I Made…

Posted by Patrick Dugan on July 05, 2001 at 19:48:01:

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1966 18ct Omega Constellation “Pie-Pan”

This is a new image I just completed using Povray. The image is a bit small but by clicking on the picture you can view the larger version. (1280×1024) I started on the image when I purchased the same watch about 6-7 weeks ago. I took the watch serial number and contacted Omega in Switzerland to get its exact date and where it got delivered after being born.

Vital statistics for the image:

Time to design: About 6-7 weeks

Time to render: 24 hours on a 750MHz machine with 128 meg of RAM. This is the time the computer requires to generate the image once the design is complete. If I made any changes I typically had to wait an entire day to see the results.

Lines of code: 998

For some reason the image comes across (to me anyway) like a Popular Science cover from the 1950s. The watch is resting against a small meteor and the background is a galaxy image that is basically on the wall behind the desktop. Another smaller meteor is further back on the desktop. I felt the spacey theme fit the name and observatory logo associated with the watch. While the image doesn’t have the amazing photo-realism that the image kny posted the other day, it still looks good to me so I thought I would share it. The watch dial is showing some age (seen on various places on the dial but most notably between the “6” marker and the star and also by the “4” marker. The date is only slightly significant as it was my birthday last month on the 29th and I hoped to have the thing completed by then but I didn’t make my own deadline. I used focal-blur in the image to help create a sense of depth for that scale.

Anyway, here is the picture…


Patrick Dugan