The Importance of Aperture Priority Mode

For Macro Photos

Posted by Reto Castellazzi on January 19, 2002 at 23:14:18:

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Dear all

Yesterday I posted that Pierre Balmain Chrono with the dial only being partly in focus. Today I did not forget to set the camera to Manual Mode and using Aperture Priority (A on the Coolpix 995 display) Mode. You will set the aperture first and then the camera sets the rest accordingly. Otherwise the camera would choose a most likely bigger aperture resulting in less depth (DoF = depth of field). With AP you will try to set the smallest aperture (the number in the display is getting larger for a smaller aperture!) thus gaining more depth.

Here is the outcome:

Watch photographed with AutoMode, Coolpix, aperture setting by camera 2.8, only a small area of the watch is in focus

Watch pictured in Aperture Priority Mode, aperture setting 10 (max), most of the watch is in focus

I think, I will now remember to keep the Aperture priority 😉

Best regards