Basic Accessories For Watch Photography

Posted by Reto Castellazzi on January 19, 2002 at 23:04:49:

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Dear all

A high resolution digital camera will also reveal the tiniest dust particles on your watch glass or background. Thus I was lucky to be able to reactivate my dust blower from my watch tool kit. I am sure, the TZ watch tool shop also carries those.

Those are my most used and basic stage helpers:

1) Dust blower – I do not like to “polish” my watches with a cloth every time I take a picture, under a microscope polishing with a cotton cloth will look like tractor tracks, blowing the dust off anotherwise clean watch is a softer method. A photographers lens cleaner – dust blower combined with soft brush is probably even more effective. Bangkok is very dirty, that makes this one quintessential

2) Lego blocks to stabilize the watches or pens

3) Small black clip, that goes underneath strap loops to hold a strap watch in vertical position

4) Cards according kny’s specificiation around 8 by 10 inch, this one is a connected V-Card, white on one side, for less light and silver on the other side, the watch will be placed into the V and thus get additional light, works great also for daylight.

5) Cheap fluorescent desklamp from National (USD 20 here in Bangkok with a flexible arm) good enough for most basic documentation pictures. For artistic shots you might need some more light sources and certainly props (like those Paul is using in perfection – he is always able to create a link between the watch object and the props or vice versa).

The stage is a bar stool, and as a chair I use a low foldable light-weight golf chair (the small kind you will use on the course). That is good to move around and changing positions while looking at the monitor, especially when trying to avoid reflections.

Best regards