Watch Photo Lightbox

by R. R. Jackson


I’ve been told that the most important part of photography is Light.

Well here’s a simple lightbox, it took only 15 minutes of scrounging around to find all the pieces.

Here’s the parts/equipment list:

– Tripods (2) – One for the camera itself and one for the overhead light. I hanging ceiling light may work just as well.

– Vellum (3 pieces) – Also known as tracing paper. I was thinking that a plastic cover for a fluorscent light may work and would probably last longer too.

– Wire hangers (3). This is to mount the vellum to. Bend them square and bend the hook back to act as a stand. (see pic).

– Craft paper. I used black and white for a base and white sometimes for a reflector.

– Spring Clamp type lights (3). A Home Depot special. You’re not suppoed to use anything higher than a 60 watt bulb in them.

– I used the back of 2 chairs to clamp the side lights to.

– One piece of dark foam with a hole for the camera lens to project through. This will help to keep the camera from reflecting onto the watch.

The Lightbox


The black paper is curved up onto the rear tripod legs. This gives the impression of more depth then there really is.


I bent the hangers square. Just grab the middle of the bottom and pull.

Bend the hook straight then bend it back with a dogleg so it will stand on it’s own.

I scotch taped the vellum to the hangers.


The overhead light is clamped to the tripod handle. The Hanger hook is wedged into the spring clamp.

Follow the Link for some more Watch pictures.

A Few Lightbox Photos

copyright@ RR Jackson, 9/2001