The Limited Edition

Minerva 140th Anniversary Watch


Minerva 140th Anniversary Watch

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We’ve had some discussions of late regarding the validity of Limited Edition watches, and what number of pieces in the edition constitutes a true limited edition.

For those of you who are not familiar with this watch, I’d like to introduce to the TimeZone web site, the Minerva 140th Limited Edition Anniversary watch.

To celebrate one hundred and forty years of Minerva history, 1858 to 1998, the company decided to release a limited edition watch , using an authentic Minerva movement first introduced in 1921, and produced until 1942. US list price was $4100.


  • Original MINERVA 17″’22, diameter = 39.25 mm.
  • Designed in May 1921, produced until 1942 for Minerva Pocket watches.
  • 17 jewels, balance with screws, Breguet balance-spring with no shockabsorber, 18,000 Bph.
  • Center jewel in setting fixed by 3 screws. 6 bridges movement-blank, rhodium-plated, cotes de Geneve decor which is boxwood milled. Movement height 4.15 mm. Small seconds hand at 9 o’clock (Lepine type movement).
  • This movement is the thinnest movement for pocket watches ever produced by Minerva.


  • Stainless steel case, 43 mm, 10.6 mm high, 65 grams
  • Sapphire curved Crystal and see-through case back with 5 screws
  • 5 bars water-resistant.
  • Finest blue crocodile Band (Alligator Mississippiensis), hand stitched.


  • Classic Dial, silvered with rose applied chapters.

Minerva 140th Anniversary Watch

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The edition was sold out recently, and the last six in the edition, also sold out, were produced as a special limited edition of a limited edition:

Here’s Jean-Jacques Frey words describing this limited edition of 6:

“These Six are bit special. Indeed we had not 140 blank movements for the series, but 134. I knew from the beginning that the six missing will use the 17-22 movement, not blank, but already assembled AND decorated. This is the difference from the “standard” model you are used to. Instead of Geneva stripes and rhodinated, these older movements show a decor called ‘filets”, my present “decor maker” assured me it was made using ivory. This decor is no longer available. They were then silvered which is not good as silver gets tarnished with age. So the movement-blank will have to be cleaned and replated. As this is an ancient execution of decor, rhodinating did not exist then, the rhodium coating of movements started in the mid-sixties only. And as silver-plating will get again tarnished, the choice becomes gold-plating. Also, these six old movements show an interesting feature: a Swan Neck spring on the balance bridge.”

I believe that the 140th will prove to be worthy of a special limited edition series. The edition is very low, as to assure rarity, and the watch design is one of high desirability. There are enough Minerva collectors and enthusiasts, globally, to validate the interest in this limited edition. Many of the great Swiss Watch Houses produce limited edition watches of which the edition numbers actually exceed the production amount of other non-limited edition models! With only 140 watches produced globally, of which 6 are even more limited, this Minerva watch seems destined for serious watch collections.

Here’s a picture of the original drawings for the pocket watch movement

to be integrated within a wristwatch

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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Richard paige