Lange & Sohne as an Executive Gift


Posted by Adam P Reismann on August 02, 1997 at 15:09:44:

I could not help reading through this discussion about a gift for a CEO in your forum, it was printed and shown to me by one of our junior staff as I am not in the habit of “browsing” the internet. I hope I can help, I am the consultant for public relations and our clients include the government, film industry and several mnc’s. Over the last 30 years we have advised and aided in product placement many companies including the major
Swiss watch brands…. my humble employee has begged me to add my two cents worth so there:

  1. don’t give your CEO what he wants, at his age, I was told he was retiring, he could well afford to buy it. Give him what he would appreciate.
  2. if it has to be a watch, then your CEO had better be a male or we’re talking about the wrong gift.

Assuming the above, the answer is LANGE 1815 yellow gold brown leather.

Reasons : to be brief, our analysis has shown that the top brands as measured by tastes of people in the million dollar per
anum were: Patek, Franck Muller, Vacheron, AP, GP, IWC, end of list. Sample taken New York, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore and San Francisco. Rolex ranked very low, as it is commonly aspired to by mid to upper level staff, not at BOARD LEVEL individuals. It is often a gift we suggest for those in the management levels. Rolex has been singled out because it is the most common suggestion we encounter. Any of the top brands would have been
recommended 2 yrs ago, but we have done a search for highly exclusive products and the co of A Lange & Sohne has met the following criteria:

  • Rarity: waiting times of up to 16 months
  • Value: a bargain considering the level of craftsmanship which should be obvious to individuals of CEO caliber.
  • Investment potential: Rivaled only by Patek and by that only old ones.
  • Technical sophistication: Point obvious as soon as recipient of said gift reads the literature.
  • Universal appeal of its subtle design( this does not apply to the models with the oversized dates.

Summary: possibly the best gift for the wealthy individual (if it has to be a watch).

I am not a watch person and I wear a Pilot XII given to me by my son on my 63rd birthday. I used to wear a steel submariner in the 60’s and later got a GP for myself when I became CEO for this firm in the 80’s. NO we do not have any dealings with Lange or

Hope this helps,