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Minerva Pythagore . . A review

Posted by Mike Breinin on March 24, 1998 at 23:04:07:

Hello everyone. As I promised yesterday I am now going to attempt to review my new Minerva Pythagore. I apologize in advance for having to do it in parts but long posts always get cut off when I attempt to load them. Please note that I am not in the same league a many of you so if my terms of art are incorrect I apologize. The watch arrived yesterday from Michel Schmutz, Minerva’s U.S. Distributor. It was packed in a nice leather covered box that is typical of watches. The Minerva logo also appears on the box. Michel also included Minerva brochures about the company’s history, models available and my model. A warranty booklet was included as well. My fist impression of the watch was that it was truly magnificent, so understated yet so appealing and eye catching. The watch exudes elegance and refinement from every square inch…continued

The Movement: The watch contains Minerva’s in house 10 1/2”’no.48 Mechanical Calibre. This hand winding movement with five rhodium plated bridges and 17 jewels was designed in 1943 by Andre Frey. The movement has a diameter of 23.60 mm and height of 3.80 mm. It has a lever escapement and operates at 18,000 Bph. It also has a balance with screws and an incabloc shock absorber, 45 hours power reserve. New models are decorated with the Cotes de Geneve, mine is an earlier model and lacks this beautiful touch. The bridges are designed on the principle of the Golden Section with straight lines positioned at angles of 0, 45 or 90 degrees to the horizontal. This combination of proportions is ideal and very pleasing to the eye. I can attest that this movement is quite striking in appearance and is nicely displayed below a sapphire display back. Winding is smooth and feels very precise. Listen to the movement and you hear the tick-tick-tick of yesterday as opposed to the faster tickatickaticka of a modern high beat m

The Dial: I chose the rose’ dial. To me this was the most classic of the dial choices and I find it quite striking. In color it is somewhat between a pink and a copper. It has a reflective quality that picks up light in varying ways depending on the angle. At one point the main portion my seem light and the band around the numerals dark and vice versa. The numerals are a combination of Arabic’s and daggers, they are applied although very thin. The subsidiary seconds register is quite large and easy to read. It is sunk into the dial slightly and engraved in a concentric circle pattern like the register on a chronograph. It cuts into the numeral band and cuts off the numeral 6, very interesting and quite striking. The hands are slender daggers, deeply nitre blued to the point of almost appearing black. The seconds hand is a blued baton…continued

The Case: The case is all stainless steel. It is highly polished on all surfaces. No blemishes or lack of precision is evident on the case, it is a masterpiece that looks as if it could be a more precious metal. It’s shape is an elegant and traditional round with gracefully sloping lugs. It is a screwback with a sapphire exhibition crystal. The back is engraved on the steel Minerva, Calibre 48 with the Ref.# and serial #. The crystal is a domed sapphire that is prettily reflective but very nice. The crown is large enough to provide a good grip for winding and is engraved with the Minerva arrow, a nice touch. The band is a really nice piece of dark navy blue ostrich, hand dyed and stitched. The buckle is stainless with the Minerva arrow engraved upon it. Although the case only measures 34 mm it seems bigger. It is more than gig enough for me and does not appear substantially smaller than my 3/4 Seamster Pro…continued

Overall: Overall I would rate this watch very highly. It has a classic, elegant look, a magnificent in-house movement and exclusivity that is hard to match. Minerva is truly a micro-manufacturer and they only make a handful of watches a year. I know that I will probably not see another Pythagore on someone’s wrist and I like that. In my opinion this watch is a deal at a suggested list of $1300. I paid a bit less due to Michel Scmutz’s generosity but would not hesitate to pay full list after seeing the watch. Accuracy so far is excellent with a loss of about 1 second since 6 o’clock last night. If you are in the market for a fabulously retro yet contemporary timepiece with pedigree look no further.