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Here’s how it’s done…


Posted by Paul Schliesser on May 03, 1998 at 21:50:25:

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Yes, you need to use an FTP program to copy files to your own website, at your ISP. If you are using a Mac, good choices are Anarchie and Fetch. If you use a PC, a good choice is CuteFTP, and maybe others (I’m a Mac weenie). All three programs are shareware.

You need to know the exact address of your website (your URL) and you will need to know your user name and password at your ISP. Your website will be password protected so that only you can make changes.

After you scan your watch (or whatever), make it 72 dpi, and save it as a JPEG file. Give it a short, simple name like


The name should not have any spaces or funny characters, and should end in .jpg. It should not be any bigger than about 50k or so; estimate that it will take about 1 second per K of file size to load on a user’s computer (you can use a chronograph to confirm this).

Launch your FTP program, and enter your URL, your password, and your user name–you may need to talk to your ISP about exactly how to do this.

When you log onto your website, you should see window for your site open on your screen. You should now be able to copy files to or from it just like it was another disk or drive, using your FTP program. It is pretty easy. You can also rename files, delete them, or create new folders.

From your email address, I would guess that your site name is “gumby” and your ISP is Your URL for your watch JPEG will probably look something like this:

If you use a PC, this should look familiar to you–this is merely the directory path on the server, to your site. Your site is actually just a folder on the server, and you can add more folders to keep things organized. If you made a folder called “watch_scans” (remember, so spaces!) and put your scan in it, the URL would be:

If you want to include this scan on your posting, simply enter the URL in the “optional Image URL” field under the message window.

You can also test this by entering the URL in your browser to see if it comes up normally. You can also use the URL of any graphic you can see on the web. Just put the cursor on the graphic (this works in Navigator and IE) and hold the mouse button down (the right button on a PC) and you should see a little menu pop up. Select “copy this image locaton” (or something similar) and it will copy the URL of the graphic, which you can then paste into the “optional image URL” field when you create a post.

For instance, if you do this on the little “house rules” graphic right here on the forum, you will see that its URL is:

And here it is:


To include the graphic like this, without using the field below, do the following (I can’t show this exactly, or it would be invisible and you would see the graphic instead):

(IMG SRC=””)

Substitute < and > symbols for the enclosing parethesis ( ) if you are doing this for real. As you can see, you just include the URL in quotes, then add IMG SRC= before it ,and enclose the whole thing in < and > symbols.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to email me if I can help.