More Random Thoughts…

Posted by Time Flies on March 29, 1998 at 5:53:04:

Up early got to thinking, and so here are some more of my random thoughts (not necessarily Gaussian distributed, my thoughts tend to be highly leptokurtic)

Here goes.

I wonder WHEN:

  • the urge to wear watches that are size of a Big Mac will wane?
  • manufacturers will use “stock” straps that are sized for the average wrist?
  • manufacturers will reveal the detailed facts about the movements in their watches?
  • manufacturers will not even consider using a mineral crystal?
  • manufacturers will stop selling watches in an overpriced box or silly container?
  • manufacturers will design a bug-free bracelet clasp that has real longevity?
  • the prices of gold watches will not triple the list price of their stainless counterparts?
  • we will stop having the urge to purchase another watch immediately after having just purchased one?
  • when the watch industry will finally admit, as the result of an investigation, that their watches contained time-release addictive drugs with two week efficacy and which were absorbed by the wearer?
  • the “flight theme” (atmospheric, stratospheric and space) is going to wear off?
  • people will finally realize that a “space” watch does not need to manually wound and that NASA is really not worried about millions of little bits of broken sapphire crystal floating around in space?
  • people will stop paying a premium for “limited editions” of several thousand pieces?
  • people will realize that they will never be totally happy with a “sort-of is like”, “looks like” or “design knock-off”?
  • people will realize they don’t listen to the atomic clock, but to a radio or telephonic tone which is synchronized to the time scale generated by a device which uses atomic half-life as a method of time measurement?
  • the big, chunky, I can tow my plane with, lethal weapon type bracelet fad will fade?
  • Breitling is going to run out of dial styles and names for watches that contain the ubiquitous Valjoux 7750?
  • Rolex will actually introduce some new styles?
  • Rolex will not raise its prices without giving the consumer a hint about advancements in their product?
  • we will ever really be clear about the variations, obfuscation and vagaries of “Swiss Made”?
  • manufacturers will give up the idea of the scratch-prone anti-reflective coatings on the outside face of crystals?
  • Breitling will stop using those aggravating rider tabs on their bezels, since they do nothing except catch on sweaters and serve as the repositories for collections of fine human arm hairs?
  • manufacturers will just stop with the design of nice, clean case design and stop adding ugly bezels which add little, but clutter? (It is as if, designers say “let’s see, we’ve got this round shape, and if we can have this ring that turns, what sort of obscure junk can we put on it WOW, how about a slide rule, a
    tachymeter that no one would use, solar compass azimuth markings — yeah, that’s good, those will stimulate their investigations into antiquated technology, that is, if they can read the scales!)
  • manufactures will stop cluttering dials with volumes of text such as “Officially certified chronographic chronometer, water resistant to 1000 atmospheres,
    NASA/NATO/NOSUCH approved and tested (give me a chance, I just want to tell the time!)

Until later, I send my regards,

Time Flies