RGM Automatic Alarm Watch [5/98]

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My Review of the RGM Alarm Watch

Posted by K dombrova on May 01, 1998 at 20:30:12:

By no means am I an expert on watches or all the terminology. I do, however have a collection of 12 higher priced models and I thought a laymens review may be nice. Here goes:


  • Comes in two models, (silver dial and blue dial – I have blue). Stainless steel case
  • It is 38mm by 12mm
  • Sapphire front and back
  • Guilloche engine turned dial (made of solid silver)
  • Blue dial is chemically treated and lacquered to give its blue finish
  • Alarm crown located at 4 and date/time crown at 2
  • Water resistant to 5 ATM
  • Alligator strap with deployment buckle (mine is dark blue)
  • I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong) the movement is a modified ETA?
  • Auto mechanism winds the main spring as well as the alarm main spring, therefore, you can’t
    over wind either. Manual winding of both crowns is acceptable as with any auto watch.

Personal opinions:

What I like about the RGM:

I have had the watch for approx one month and it has kept excellent time. The watch is beautifully finished. I can honestly say I have not yet found one imperfection (trust me, I’ve looked). The hand turned
guilloche dial has an extraordinary finish that must be seen to be appreciated.

It looks relatively simple on the wrist, but also gives an element of style I have not seen in many alarm watches (I now own four auto/wind alarms).

The alarm is easy to set and loud enough to wake you up (at least me) or remind you of a special appointment without scarring the crap out of you. The loudest auto alarm I have heard remains the Cricket by Revue Thommen, but this watch (RGM) far exceeds it in design and finish. One fascinating concept is the see through back, not commonly found on alarm watches. It
allows you to see the finished movement as well as the alarm strike – cool, I say. An added bonus is the date function located at 3 that is large enough to see at a glance.

The Alligator strap is hand made and beautifully finished, extremely comfortable to wear.

The watch is packaged in a burgundy finished solid wood box (don’t ask what kind of wood), another sign of a watch to be proud of.

What I don’t like about the RGM (The list is short…..real short):

The blue dial can make it difficult to see the time in certain light.

The alarm hand can also be hard to see as it is the same color (blue dial only).

The silver dialed watch seems much easier to read as its hands are in blue steel (I still like the blue dial better).

The only other comment is that there is no way to lock the alarm crown. To set the alarm you have to pull out the crown and move the hand to the desired ring time. The crown must remain in the open position in order to ring. Therefore, if you accidentally move the alarm crown after setting it – you will change the ring time. I must say this has not happened to me as of yet.

Yes, the alarm does remain water resistant when the alarm crown is open, however caution is to be noted.

The price is comparable with other well known brand alarms such as IWC (new) and Girard Perregaux
traveler II (new). It is priced higher than the Cricket, but based on quality – it should be. I’m not that familiar with other brands, so comments are appreciated.

Obviously, I am giving this piece great praise and I believe it strongly deserves it!!

A big cake goes to Roland for design and quality finish – I think some Swiss companies could learn a lot from this small American company!

To see pictures of the watch go to RGM web site: www.rgmwatches.com

Only other comment: sure wish I could afford some of his other complicated pieces. Oh well, we all live for dreams.

For alarms a solid 9.5 out of 10.


Kevin D.