RGM Steel Review

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RGM Steel Review


Here’s a copy of Clif Poole’s post from open forum…archived for the advanced forum.

As many of you know, Roland Murphy recently began production of certain models of his fine watches in stainless steel. I just this week received a model 109E in SS and wanted to share my impressions
of this watch with fellow timezoners. I don’t have the equipment to include a scan of the piece, but there is a picture of this model
on page 48 of issue 31 of International Wrist Watch magazine. However, the picture in no way does justice to the watch.

The watch is a chronograph with sub dials at 12, 6, and 9. The date window is at 3. The fit and finish are excellent. The entire watch has a mirror finish with the exception of the strap horns, small horns protecting the crown, and a very narrow area of the case visible just under the bezel. These areas have a brushed satin finish. The case differs from previous gold models in that the bezel is curved rather than flat, it has the aforementioned crown protectors, and the strap horns are somewhat shorter.

The dial is solid silver and is engine turned in an extremely complicated pattern. Adding to the detail of the dial are three beaded rings around the outer edge of the dial and on either side ofthe hour markers. The roman numeral hour markers as well as all other numbers are black. I believe the hour markers are applied rather than painted as they stand out from the dial. All six hands are blued and the hour and minute hands are of the Breguet style. I find it difficult not to look at the dial as its appearance changes with every change in the light.

The watch has an exhibition back and is held in place by six small screws. Inscribed around the rear bezel are the number of the watch, the model number, the maker’s logo, and an indication that it is water
resistant to 5atm. The movement is decorated and the rotor engraved in gold with the company’s name.

The strap is cordovan colored crocodile with a well made stainless steel folding deployment clasp. The buckle is satin finished with the company logo.

While I have not had an opportunity to thoroughly test the accuracy of the watch, I did check it against GMT on my short wave radio and found that it lost 4 to 5 seconds
during a 72 hour period.

To my eyes, the look of the watch is a cross between a Frank Mueller and a Breguet with a little D. Roth, Chronoswiss, and G.P. Chrono thrown in. A good bit of the
resemblance comes from the classic European look of the dial with its roman numerals, silver finish, and engine turning. I have owned several Breguets and find the dial of the RGM to be far more attractive and intricate to
my eye.

Despite its resemblance to certain other brands, the watch has an overall look of its own. For its price, I believe it to be the
best looking watch I have seen. The only problem I have is in deciding whether it is a sport or a dress watch.

Technical details on the movement will have to come from Mr. Murphy. Perhaps either he or Richard Paige could post a scan
of this fine looking watch.