Tag Heuer “2000” [3/98]

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A Review of the TAG Heuer 2000 Automatic

by SJX


I purchased this watch about 8 months ago, long enough for me to get the “feel” of the watch. It is a full size TAG Heuer 2000 Series (1997 model) auto with a blue face.

Case, bezel and back:

The case is well finished, especially the bezel which has polished tabs (correct term?) and a matte bezel, which gives it a nice contrast, although the polished bits tend to get scratched easily. The points were the minutes are marked, 10, 20, 30 etc., protrude slightly. The older 2000’s bezel was just round. The matte polishing on the sides is very smooth. The screw down back is embossed with the TAG Heuer shield, model no. and serial no. and the usual ‘water-resistant 200m’ etc. Sometimes, if I wear the watch tight enough for long periods of time, I will fine the TAG Heuer logo “printed” on my skin.

Dial and hands:

The dial is dark blue and slightly textured, it looks like the plastic used for my PC keyboard :-). All the markers are baton shaped, except for the one at 12 o’clock, which is a tritium filled Arabic ’12’. The thing I like about the hands is the silver metal which sort of frames the tritium, it gives the watch a little bit of shine. The hands are Mercedes hands. The date at 3 has black dates on a white date disc, I wish they had white printed on blue instead, to match the dial
color. At night, the watch is very legible; I even can see the second hands ticking away.

Bracelet, buckle and clasp:

It is finished in a similar way to a Rolex oyster bracelet, with the middle links polished and the outer links matte. All the links are solid. It is quite comfortable, but it is nothing to the IWC Flieger bracelet I tried on at the watch store. The only flaw of this watch is the safety buckle, which is terribly stiff. I usually have to use my shirt of handkerchief to cushion my thumbnail when I pry open the safety buckle. The matte-polished buckle has the bracelet link pattern embossed on it like a Rolex sub bracelet, which I don’t really like; I prefer the older 2000’s clasp, which is just plain matte polished. The clasp and diver’s extension clasp both are polished, and looks as if they were cast and not cut from a sheet of metal like the Rolex clasps.


ETA 2824-2, 25 jewels, incabloc, 28’800bph, 42 hr power-reserve, center hands for hours, minutes and seconds, date window, instantaneous date corrector and fine timing device and hack seconds.

Movement finish:

The movement looks unfinished, not even the circular polishing. The rotor is just matte polished and ‘TAG Heuer’ and ‘Twenty-one (21) jewels’ are embossed in gold. The movement is the only aspect of the watch that I think is inferior to other sports watches, like the Oris Divers watches, which AT LEAST have gold-plated rotors.


When I first got it, it was consistently +/- 5 sec per day, not bad for a non-chronometer. I sent it to the TAG Heuer distributor in Singapore for regulation, when I got it back it was -5 sec per day. So I opened up the back and regulated the watch myself. After 5 adjustments, I have got I down to about -/+1.5 sec per day.

I do not regret purchasing this watch, except for the fact that I can get the same unfinished ETA 2824-2 for about US$36 :-(…This watch is extremely tough, I have banged it against the door-frame, against the frame of my bed and countless other things. I have gone biking with it, swimming with it and jogging with it and it has not lost or gained more than 10 sec each time.

The design is not award winning, but it looks great. The designers at TAG are much better than those at Alain Silberstein, I think :-). I would rate this watch as one of the best under-US$800 sports watches, it may not be value-for-money like a similar Tissot or Longines or even a Zodiac, but it is better designed and tougher. Many people slam TAG Heuer as a you-just-pay-for-the-name watch company, but IMHO their watches are great. If you are considering this watch, buy it, I highly recommend it.

Hope you enjoyed this review and it was not too long.