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Impressions and Specifications

Posted by Hans-Peter on February 21, 1998 at 18:52:07:

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Although many points are already mentioned by Richard and Roy, I´d like to add some things. I have met the designer of the Xemex watches, Ruedi Kuelling on several occasions and he is a really impressive man. He has been a
successful designer with his own company and several dozens of people working for him. But he sold it with the intention of makings. th. new from the scratch on his “old” days. He founded a new watch brand in 1995, not too easy years for watch companies…and not little people called him crazy…after the
(re)foundation of numerous brands during the last ten years, another watch brand was just about the last that the
Swiss watch industry needed. But Ruedi Kuelling went on with his baby and gave him a short and remarkable, graphical name: Xemex. He founded the
company together with manager Hanspeter Hanschik who took on the marketing part. The company is owned by these two. Ruedi Kuelling built up
everything from scratch, the mission, the logo, the watches, the company…This is unique in watch business since the regular case is that a company buys an old brand name and sets up the watch line on the history of it. But Ruedi Kuelling found it interesting to make s.th. totally new, a kind of a life dream. They found out that the middle price range is best suited to place
the watches and in 1996, the presented a few Offroad prototypes at
the Basel watch fair with an enormous impact. The idea of Ruedi
Kuelling was to design a watch that he can read without his glasses
on… and he succeeded, just try it out. The pointer hour hand is so remarkable that almost a blind can recognize it. In 1997, the rectangular Avenue was presented. All watches are authentically designed by Ruedi Kuelling and he
took great effort to promote the watches since it is his own company (and his destiny, he has put a great amount of money into this project). And this is the unique thing about this company, where it differs from Ventura, Ikepod and others.

The watches are excellent and are based on a few years of development. E.g. has it caused great trouble to make the edges
of the rectangular case thick enough to wear the attachment bridges for the strap, but thin enough not to disturb the design specifications. After about 1 year, they have come out with the successful solution you can obtain today. This is one reason for the Avenue being priced higher that the Offroad as with it’s pretty plain and simple round case.

Quality of the watches is very good and they are based on several patents (e.g. the attachment bridges, the compass watch, the unique overseas etc. etc.). They have sapphire crystals and steel backs (no glass back).

Movements in the Xemex watches are not unique, they are either quartz or standard ETA. But at that price, you will never get a unique movement nowadays, nowhere. The main point has been put on the design and the success of the brand shows the success
of the concept and it’s father, Ruedi Kuelling.

Apart from Paris 1925 (www.paris1925.com), you can find the watches at www.xemex.ch or on my own website www.watchspace.com, Design watches (probably the most complete online catalog). Also don’t miss to click the watch space banner, which leads you
to my old presentation. Xemex is also presented on the design planet and the Chrono planet.